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onsdag 11 december 2013

Stop asking for re-uploads and new links!!

Thought i made myself clear the first time around. Me keeping the links updated would costs about 20 bucks a month with the sheer size of all  records uploaded on my sites since 2008 and with shit getting removed here and there it will never be complete and i simply don't have the time to upload something everytime it goes down. Visit www.slsknet.com and download the software for free. Follow the step by step instructions and there should really be no problems with it. If anyone still has problems with understanding the basics of soulseek then contact me (but it's not that hard). The soulseek system should work and the more that get on the wagon the less money those fuckers at rapidshare etc will earn. If not for me then do it for satan.

torsdag 5 december 2013

V/A - Super yobs Vol.2 CD (1998)

01. LRF - To late to mend
02. Toughskins - England
03. Side Burns - Get away
04. Boot Party - Your fate
05. Roughtrade - Talk back
06. Templars - No rhymer, nor reason
07. The Hawks - All the way
08. Bovver Wonderland - Super Yob
09. Blade - sKKKrewed ravers
10. 90 proof - Homeward bound
11. Bad vultures - 77-82-93
12. The choice - In this together
13. Crickey Crew - For life
14. The authority - Smash it up
15. Pist'n'broke - Friday's children

Released by Vulture Rock in 1996 on LP and then re-issued on CD in 1998 (this version).

Volume one was a split with Templars and Red alert (uploaded here so search) but for this second volume the vulture set sail to the east and came ended up creating history at the same time. The Japan scene has always been superb but few really knew about it's existence until Vulture made it global with this record and the now legendary Werewolfen album (the record that opened up my eyes to Japans SSS/Oi! scene).

From start to finnish this record is well thought through and the bands are really handpicked to suit the over all sound. Some bands sound so simulair it's hard to pick them apart if it wasnt for the broken engrish from some of the Japan bands. For instance Blade's song sKKKrewed Ravers almost identical to the sound Bovver Wonderland has on their LP called Born to booze. The release claims it's a sound called "Kick Rock" which is a new thing to me since i have always thought of it as Rock Oi!.

Most bands from both sides of the pond are probably well known by you all nowdays and to keep it short (i am home sick with a fever and all) i will pick out the favourite songs from both nations.
Best song from US is Boot Party's Your fate. A band that keeps it basic and brutal just the way i like it. Best Japan song is Bad Vultures song called 77-82-93, because of the bands engrish i don't have a clue what the song is about but i can imagine it's about punks and Oi!s various births and rebirths (just looking at the date's).

Anyway excellent release featuring excellent bands and to make it a "thing" i will try to upload 2 Japanese Oi!/SSS albums a day the comming week over at Fuck yeah.

Boot Party - Your fate

Limecell - Bloodthirsty Stalker/Crazy Dave 7'' (1998)

01. Bloodthirsty stalker
02. Crazy Dave

Released in 1998 by Headache Records.

Limecell is a band that i really like but this album seems to be created in the sole atempt to not please me. Released inbetween two good full-lengths this little EP makes hardly any impact and lacks anything really interesting. Both songs later got featured on Destroy the underground CD. If Roadkill and Drunk again would have featured this EP i would have loved it but now it just takes up space in my recordcollection.

onsdag 4 december 2013

Platoon 1107 - First to fight (Music video)

Semper Fi, ooh rah!! Check out their debut album called "We glory in the title" at any distro with selfrespect

söndag 1 december 2013

Out Of Time - To those like us CD (2010)

01. A story of situation
02. Wasted generation
03. To those like us
04. At your low
05. One by one

Thanks to Eric W for sending me this one.

Unisgned and unknown band out of Oklahoma that plays singalong friendly streetpunk with Oi! influences. Band consists of Ryan Wallace on vocals, Mike Six and Joe Myside on guitar, Josh Lauder on bass and Russel Green on drums. As far as i know this self-released CD is the only thing they have released.

This is your average singalong punk that has become the "new Oi!" around the world these days. It has a distinct US sound and gladly i must admit that it rises above most other bands of it's kind. Best songs are To those like us (a skinhead tribute about standing for yourself and never giving in to those who go with the flow) and At your low that reminds me about early Dropkick murphy's.
A tip to other pub-bands. Do like this band and never go fully Irish.

lördag 23 november 2013

The Broadsiders - Live at The Liquid Lounge (2011)

01. Defense of Cales
02. Castle Law
03. Big Boy
04. The Good Men Do
05. Modern Times
06. Southern Identity
07. Downtown
08. Old Country
09. 1836
10. Lion's Den
11. Mid-City Martyrs
12. We've Got the Cannon
13. Booze, Sex, and Breakin' Necks

Released for free by the band in 2011.

Thanks to Jay IRC for sending it and the band for giving the thumbs up for upload (even though i forgot to upload it).

Recorded at a gig in Dallas and unlike the last record i uploaded this is a proper bootleg doing what bootleg's should do. Giving free stuff to the masses without profit.

The Broadsiders has been known for making some sick liveshows and what better way is there than to actually record one and pass it out to those who couldnt be there. Not much for liverecords and the band DOES sound better in studio butas far as recorded shows goes this is one of the best that i have heard. Their guitarist is nothing but sick (for Oi!) and his southern rock roots go buckwild on some songs like Lion's Den Modern Times with high pitched guitars doin that "Lynyrd Skynyrd thingy". A nice addition to their discography and gets even better since they unlike most other bands dont charge folks for their liverecordings.

The good men do (Liquid Lounge 2011)

Stars and stripes - Shaved for battle 7'' (1998)

01. Skinheads on the rampage
02. American Oi!
03. Shaved for battle
04. Nothing to fight for anymore

Released by Gang Riot Records in 1998.

A release that screams unofficial moneygrabber bootleg from start to finnish. Some guy in Italy made this aweful artwork and printed 500 copies of the record under the name Gang Riot Records. He put some phony Japanese adress on the release and laughed all the way to the bank. The record contains classic songs by the band but since they have just been grabbed from the CD and put on vinyl without authorization from the band there is no way anybody should support this. Bootlegs should be fanmade or bandmade and should never include profit. If this was printed behind the bands back and given away for free then i would be all for it but since the guy made money on it i put it in the same folder as punk-websites putting up paypal links on their site. Faggoty "punk for profit" that need to get themselfs a dayjob.
Good songs by a good band but put on vinyl by some guy that deserves a beating.

måndag 18 november 2013

Brassic - Voice of Freedom CD (2010)

01. Infestation
02. Warriors
03. Pride
04. Fuck LA (Lonesoldier cover)
05. Hated & proud
06. Fight to win
07. Evil has landed (Arresting officers cover)
08. Time for change
09. Benders
10. Voice of freedom

Released by Hostile Class Productions in 2010.

Thanks to Hostile Class Productions for sending it to me back in 2010.

The band is currently in the works of releasing a new record in the form of a 4-song 7'' and with Mongo back from service in Iraq and a new guitarplayer i hope to get some more frequent releases from this band.

I dubbed this the "Best album of 2010" in 2010's Year in review so me celebrating it might not come as a big surprise to those who have been following the site through the years. I love it the few people that have heard it here in Sweden love it and 6 years on since the band started it seems only Americans seem to have a problem with the band. They must since this damn band is one of the most slept on bands of today on their hometurf. The band tours Europe and South America but seem to get very little love from their N-A friends. Most of you yanks i have spoken to have had either of two issues with them (1) the band is to political or (2) the bands lyrics are to cliché. The last reason is quite laughable if you look at the lyrics about working class, drinking, tattooes and "Spirit of 69" being sung by the biggest headlining US acts today. If anything Brassic brings back the violent undertone's of 90's and 80's Oi! that got me into the music in the first place. Shit is just to damn comfortable and candycoated these days so thank good for this album bringing a bootparty and stirring shit up.

Right from the first track Infestation it's easy to understand some might have issues with the bands politics. Infestation tackles the failed integration that exists in many states today and since Brassic hails out of LA it's not hard to understand where they got the inspiration from. Lyrics like "It's a black and white complication/Mixed up culture, mixed up situation/There's not much more i can say or do/We gotta pull together, i'll leave that up to you" shines light on a subject few other bands dare speak of in fear of being branded racists when just highlighting the obvious.

Warriors and Pride are quite simulair in their message. Skinhead anthems like in the old days all done to some of the best R'n'R today. Gotta love the guitars on Warriors.

Hated & proud was one of the last songs to be recorded and shows Brassic doing a bit faster punk. Even though i like their slower R'n'R songs they pass the test and deliver an anti-social and bareboned fightsong.

Fight to win and Voice of Freedom are by far the best songs on the album. The first one reminding me about the sound Brutal Attack had on their first album and the last one delivering an apathetic view on modern democracy with lyrics like "People we elect don't represent shit/They don't care until the're living in it/What of our empire that we gave away?"

Only song i have an issue with on the album is the song Benders. Not because i cant respect other peoples politics or because i dont give a shit whoever anyone else wants to fuck or because one of my sisters is a lesbian. It's just a childish song and as much as i like the rest of the album i have a hard time enjoying this song. A bit to much even for me

This bands lyrics might be punch in the face to some folks but Oi! is not supposed to be nice or fit for radio. It sure as hell aint supposed to cater for one specific political mass and thats why i fucking love Brassic and their stiff middle finger to everything correct and clean within the scene. Hopefully they keep on doing their own thing in the future to and as much as some of you out there will continue to secretly despise them i will keep on supporting one of the few bands worthy of support.
 (i also added the coverart from the LP in the upload)
Or buy it at:
Infestation (live at Live & Loud 2012)
Performing with member from Wrecking Dead on guitar and without Skinner on drums (no he has not gotten fat)

fredag 15 november 2013

Youth Defense League - Voice of Brooklyn LP + Bonus 7'' (2005)

01. New glory
02. Old glory
03. Soldier of fortune
04. The boys
05. Blue pride
06. Turncoat
07. Skinheads 88
08. Youth of America
09. The end
10. Turncoat (Original)
11. Youth of America (Original)
12. Skinheads 88 (Original)
13. Old glory (Outake version)
01. United stand
02. The banner
03. Skins for skins
04. Espionage

Released by Vulture Rock Records in 2005.

The grand finale for the YDL releases and what a finale it is. An LP with some of the best soundquality i have ever heard and a bonus 7'' featuring the bands first demo. The discography album from 1999 might contain more songs but the selection of songs on this release is just perfect (even though i miss The Banner but the bonus EP makes up for that). 13 tracks featuring a "brand new" song called Soldier of fortune which sums up everything i love about slow sounding US Oi!. This was truly a uality release and reminds me about how much i miss Vulture on the scene. They always seemed to pick up the stuff nobody else would tough and make it sparkle like a fucking teenage vampire in direct sunlight. The sound is superb and it looks way more fuckable than most modern releases could even dream about.

The most complete album by one of the most legendary band added with a bonus EP in classy mustard/orange. The record is sold out from most stores but if you manage to get ahold of it then keep it close at all time.

söndag 10 november 2013

Youth Defense League - American History CD + Promo 7'' (1999)

01. Intro
02. The boys
03. Youth of America
04. The banner
05. Turncoat
06. Some place else
07. Blue Pride
08. The end
09. Violence in our minds (Last resort cover)
10. Intro
11. Skinheads 88
12. The boys
13. Blue pride
14. Old glory
15. The end

01. Intro
02. Skinheads 88
03. The boys

Released by Vulture Rock Records in 1999

Most who follow the site know what i think about live-recordings being put on actual releases. This time around i can understand the initiative since this band is fucking legend and only a handful of old farts ever saw them live and experienced the real deal. My issue with liverecordings is that it only catches the sound which i guess only few go to gigs to experience. Only reason to go to a gig in my experience (something i hardly never do anymore except when it's something close to home) is to experience the feeling that a good liveband can deliver to a captive collective giving their all to support the band. If the sound was what i wanted then i would probably stay at home putting on a record and drinking cold beer without some spiky bastard kicking my legs to shit. No actually good band is ever better live than on record in my oppinion so since the records don't capture the atmosphere i see no reason.

Some songs are a bit differant than on studio recordings and some are actually really good even on this live-cd much thanks to the superb recording of YDL whose liveperformance i have come to understand used to be quite audio-chaotic.

Added the promo-ep that was given away at around this CD-release. Same songs, same sound quality but a bit of that sparkly vinyl-thingy to go with it.

fredag 8 november 2013

Added all my records from Fuckyeah

Added all my records from Fuck yeah!! to the soulseek folders.

måndag 4 november 2013

YDL performing Turncoat (1988)

Youth Defense League - St CD (1999)

--Skins for skins demo 1986--
01. United stand
02. The oath (The banner)
03. Youth of America
04. Espionage
05. Skins for skins
06. Deathwish
--Skinheads 88 demo 1988--
07. Skinheads 88
08. Turncoat
09. Youth of America
10. Blue pride
11. The boys
--American Pride 7'' 1990--
12. Skinheads 88
13. Youth of America
14. Turncoat
--Old Glory 12'' unreleased--
15. Old glory
16. New glory
17. S.O.F.
--Livesongs from CBGB's--
18. Voice of Brooklyn (Skrewdriver cover)
19. The end

Released by New Glory Records (Sunwheel Records) in 1999.

An unofficial release by the same label that brought us releases from questionable acts like Johnny Rebel.
As a discography record this is the most complete but i have always prefered putting on the Voice of Brooklyn LP when listening to this band. That record was released in 2005 and sort of sorts out the garbage but anyway let's stick to this record for now.

Record starts of with the bands first demo with Rob on vocals that i uploaded yesterday. Two great songs but not really the best stuff by the band.
Tracks 07-11 covers the bands strongest release with Nick on vocals. The name Skinheads 88 can be confusing for some folks that are unaware about the songs original release year which was 1988. Back in those days PC-laws where still not in effect and people with "the wrong" politics didnt have to hide their faithin mathematic formulas like today. Long story short, the Skinheads 88 is about skinheads standing strong in 1988 NOT "Skinheads Heil Hitler" like some folks would have you believe. Anyway this cassette is probably the best stuff ever released by the band.

Tracks 12-14 was the band only proper release as a band and was released as "American Pride" through Oi!-Core records in 1990. Songs from their Skinheads 88 demo finally got a release but something went wrong in the creation of this EP since the songs actually sounds way better on the demo-cassette.

Tracks 15-17 was supposed to be released as the bands second release straight after "American Pride 7''" and had the workingtitle "Old glory". Something went wrong and the 12'' EP never got released until Vulture Rock Records picked it up in 2000 so at the release of this CD they where still unreleased and unknown by most people. New Glory is a smashing fucking song and probably the best stuff the band has ever recorded.

Finishing of the record are two live-songs from CBGB's recorded in 1988. The end can be skipped but the bands take on Skrewdrivers song Voice of Britain can't be ignored. Excellent song and a surprisingly good recording taking in the fact that it was recorded by a young YDL on a chaotic CBGB concert.

Not the best "aftermath record" with YDL but well worth your money if you can find it for sale today (which i doubt). I added the cd's complete coverscans since it's basically impossible to find tioday.

söndag 3 november 2013

Youth Defense League - Skins for skin DEMO 1986

01. United stand
02. The banner
03. Youth of America
04. Espionage
05. Skins for skins
06. Deathwish

First official release (even though it was a demo) by the band in the form of a cassette and some of the few songs out there with the bands original singer Rob doing the vocals. It's a demo but the quality is great. Most of these songs where on later comp-releases but the demo's best song The Banner only appears on this cassette with (1) the original name (2) Rob on vocals and (3) this sound quality combined so i thought i would upload it anyway. I have always liked Nick's way of singing better than Rob so i have never really cared much for this demo as a whole. Still interesting to hear the band in their youth.

söndag 27 oktober 2013

New band: Burden

Out of the punk/oi! wastelands of Massachusetts comes a one man band on a one man war. Andrew Fletcher used to play in The Revilers until last year when he decided to go at it as a lonewolf. The sound is a slow and heavy sound not that far from acts like Templars and early 45 adapters. From what i hear he is set to release an EP later this year (or earlier next year) but untill then he is releasing his first Burden demo through the fifth issue of Neutral Accents fanzine which will be released next week. If you don't like the whole paperthingy you can also pick it up at Rock'n'roll Digrace sometime next month (limited to 100 copies all-in-all).
Good band, good sound.

Music video and new CD from Trouble bound

One of few US streetOi! bands (if thats a genre) that i really like i was happy to hear that Trouble bound had released a new CD some months ago called Unfinished Business. Right now its not available through any distros but the band is selling them on their shows and some local record shops. The band has also released a video for one of the songs (old song re-recorded) and are set to star in some underground drama bullshit called Misery Loves Company. Since i'm more into movies featuring aliens with boobies raping midgets i will probably never watch it but if thats your thing then keep an eye out for the film as well.

onsdag 23 oktober 2013

Victory - The difference (music video)

From their upcomming release through Oi! The Boat records.

måndag 21 oktober 2013

Youth Defense League (introduction)

One of the most wellknown and respected skinhead bands to ever come out of America but also one of the most talked about and hated bands no matter what side of the fence you might stand.

The band was founded in 1986 by young kids living in the Sheepshead Bay area of Brooklyn NY. Inspired by the hard RAC sound from UK (Brutal Attack and Skrewdriver) and the local NY hardcore from bands such as Iron Cross and Agnostic Front they made a sound of their own that still to this day can be heard in bands like Tears of frustration and Offensive Weapon.

The bands first proper line-up was Rob on vocals, Nick L on guitar, Nadeem "Dean" Haj on bass and Rishi Puntes on drums. This line-up recorded the bands first cassette called "Skins for skins" in early 1987. Shortly after Rob quit the band and was replaced by "English Nick" who would stick with the band until their way to early demice.

When one talks or read about YDL it always seem to take a turn into politics and as sad as i think this is other than the killer songs they recorded it's pårobably the only thing interesting about them. So just to clear things up (or make people even more confused) let's sort shit out.

YES: The band promoted and encouraged hardline nationalism, white pride and even performed under "fascist banners" at some shows.

YES: Nick was friendly with members from Brutal attack and also hung around with members from Blood and Honour.

YES: The band is the first wellknown RAC band in America and also one of the first RAC bands to denounce racism.

YES: As previously mentioned the band spoke out against racism at several occations claiming "We're not white power, we're white pride."

YES: The bands bass-player was Palestine and the bands drummer was a Spanish imigrant and YES they did have a Jewish member at one point.

All these fact make the discussion laughable as most people try to claim them as their own not realizing that grey areas are often larger than the dark and light spots that create them. The band had politics, the band had heritage and the band had personal friendships with parts of the scene that you might not like but in the end of the day the band just that, a fucking band. The fact that some folks around the world still  try to sort out if they where "nazi's" only goes to show that shit never change and my guess is that forums in Russia will discuss if Offensive weapon was a "nazi band" in 2033. People never learn.
The band moved on and so should ignorant politicians within the scene, hell "English Nick" even moved on to the extent of becoming a food critic.

If there is anything more confusing than the bands politics it's the bands discography with few releases under their belt when they where an actual band a ton of releases after they broke up. In this discography i won't try to put up shitty old cassette's but instead try to focus on getting every song by the band out there (which their later collections sum up quite well.

fredag 18 oktober 2013

Old school (no more need for re-uploads)

Had another busy week and didnt have time to check my eamils (some blogg-related emails havnt been answered in over 2 months, sorry i will reply sometime in the future). So opening up my email today i was greated by an email from the once great site Rapidshare where i have been sharing my files the last couple of years (and payed them around $12 a month to do so). Since i was busy i had forgotten to pay my monthly fee and as a digital rape they deleted most of my files (24GG turned into 10GB) so i wont ever use their service again.

All those albums i had spent days on days re-uploading where now gone and just as i felt like giving up on it all i remembered the days back in 2001 when i was young, happy, sexually active and using P2P services to share files. Why not?

This is what will happen, every time i upload a new album it will be uploaded to some other site like rapidshare. At the same time i will start to share it on Soulseek (p2p service). For those who don't know about Soulseek it 's a service that used to be the shit for underground scenes back in 1999-2006. All you have to do is go into their homepage and download the program (free) and add me (username: farbrorbla). Simply download any album that has ever been uploaded to the site. Might be left in a que in the beginning but as long as people share what they download it should be effective as hell and probably both faster and more safe than the way i did it with rapidshare.

Oh and please don't ever ask me for a re-upload again since they are all there for the taking. And remember to share what you have downloaded so others can get to it more quickly.

söndag 6 oktober 2013

Man's Ruin - St 7'' (1996)

01. Cider woman
02. Packed with a punch
03. I touch myself
04. Hard times

Released by GMM in 1996.

The first release by this female Oi! band that i never bothered uploading back when i did the discography since all the tracks where on their first full-length. Anyways here it is with all the sparkly vinylsounds i know you Oi!hipsters out there love.

Proper good first release by this band that is far from perfect in their sound but as far as femalefronted Oi! bands go they are surely in my top 10. Good selection of songs offer up a near to perfect A-side with my favourite song by the band "Cider woman" and the brutal "Packed with a punch". B-side is mediocre but not in any way bad.

New album from Empire falls

Well there's actually 4 new albums from the band this year but this one is the one to get if you're gonna get one. The band has of late been going down a drain and even if their politics are still a bit to "right winged" and shady for most people to enjoy they surprised many with their last years sideproject "The dirty bunch" proving that they still know how to make a great Oi! record. This time around with their "This is not your country anymore" they move yet another step into the right direction and offer up  8 brand new songs of rough and offensive skinhead r'n'r. Gave up on them a long time ago? Try this one you wont be sorry.

Buy it at Bandcamp

The real revolution

onsdag 2 oktober 2013

News and liveclip from the east coast

New Jersey boys in Combate 49 are getting ready to release their first full length through This Means War later this year. The album will consist of 8 songs both remakes of old songs and some brand new ones.Check out their homemade (and not so serious) preview for 2 of the new songs


To answer my own rant from yesterday.... Yes! The Wolverines WILL be releasing their first proper 7'' later this year and it will most likely be released through United Riot Records.


Finally some footage from the concert put on by 211 Bootboys last weekend. This clip is Offensive Weapon sounding tighter than ever doing their obligatory YDF cover.

tisdag 1 oktober 2013

V/A - Promote n Provoke Vol.1 (2013)

01. The hardknocks - American Hero's
02. Revilers - No Bullshit Reactor
03. Iron City Hooligans - In The Dirt
04. Drink and destroy crew - Carry On
05. The broadsiders - 1836
06. The Damn Garrison - Pride and Honor
07. Templars - Frontline
08. Razorwire - Generic
09. Old firm casuals - You Better Start Runnin'
10. Riotgun - Disposable Generation
11. Toughskins - Black and Blue (Alternate version)
12. Concrete - Gallows
13. The wolverines - Resist
14. Down for life - Down For Life
15. The warlords - Stand Strong
16. Coldside - Hooligan
17. Court St. Scrappers - Urban Decay
18. AggroCulture US -  Safe To Say
19. Breakdown - Stout Mastering
20. Never wrong - Spirit of Rebellion
21. Portastatic - Gutter
22. Immoral Discipline - Stupid (Live)
23. Dog company - Sloop John B

Released as a free compilation by American-Oi in 2013.

It's always nice to see someone else being dedicated to the same shit as you are so i was well happy to see the birth of American-Oi a few months back. I was even more psyched when i noticed the guy behind it was a stand-up guy lacking in the political agendas and scene bullshit that most other folks seem to push these days. Filled to the brink with interviews, reviews and other stuff all free from charge and no hidden commercial interest (seems every other "diehard" today either runs a distro, t-shirt store or try to promote their own bands..). As the site declaired a free compilation (and already in the making of vol.2) i was supposed to post it straight away but work and life got in the way. Anyway here it is.

Even though my prefered choice of modern Oi! bands differ from the bands selected for this comp i must say the site does a bloody good job at promoting and presenting the most current and active bands in the US today. The sounds differ from streetpunk, oi!-core and pure brickwall Oi! giving everyone a chance of enjoying the music weither diehard or just passing through the modern scene.

I wont go in on what bands i dislike since most probably know this by now so instead i'll just pick my favourite new band, favourite song and favourite old band comming back.

Best new band: The hardknocks - American hero's
Unknown new band bringing a great and rough Oi! sound reminding me about the early 90's US sound (Backstreets of American Oi!). Check them out at http://www.reverbnation.com/thehardknocksoi

Best song: The wolverines - Resist
A band with the right attitude and the right gutter sound that keeps on getting better and better every time i hear them. I crowned them the best new band of 2012 together with their NY211 friends in Lonewolf NYC and cant understand how they have NOT released a proper record yet. United Riot Records often has it's ears to the street so hopefully we can see something later this year.

Best comeback: Riotgun - Disposable Generation
They might be a streetpunk band but it's also one of the few streetpunk bands with anything to say these days. Excellent vocals and a song as good as their old underground classic Glory.

It's all free and to be honest it's ten times better than most US Oi!/Streetpunk comps released by "proper labels" this year.

Visit the site and keep your eyes out for a Vol.2 which should be out there any day now.
(let me know if the download link doesnt work for you since it's the first upload since Rapidshare went nuts)

måndag 30 september 2013

Immoral Discipline - Riff RAF (new song)

Great new song by this classic band and with lyrics more important now than ever.

You're sitting around with nothing to do
Might as well slander a band or few
Your stupid witch-hunt makes us sick!
You're worse than those that you oppose
And your minds are just as closed
Bunch of self-righteous pricks!

You're scum! you're trash!
You're the new fash
You're shit! you're a laugh!
You're nothing but riff raff

Riff RAF!

Fuck you!

You're sitting around in your small towns
Trying to get our shows shut down
You're all so full of shit!
'Cause we don't think just like you do
And we don't share your political views
Bunch of fucking hypocrites!

You're scum! you're trash!
You're the new fash
You're shit! you're a laugh!
You're nothing but riff raff

Riff RAF!

Fuck off!

fredag 27 september 2013

Antagonizers - Hold your ground (music video)

After finishing their tour with Infa-Riot the band got together and created a proper video for their song "Hold your ground". Gotta love the underdog chorus around 2:30.

söndag 15 september 2013

Rapidshare? WTF?

Just came back from 2 weeks of hard work and traveling to notice that the site i have been throwing thousands of Swedish kroners at through the years now use a new interface and what looks to me as a new system which makes it impossible to share files to people that are not paying members at the site.
Can someone please explain how the fuck one gets that "share adress" when uploading an album to that site so one can share it to people that are not members on Rapidshare....
For the money i pay every month i would expect them to actually do what i pay them for, which means hosting my files online for other people to enjoy. This is fucking bullshit!

lördag 14 september 2013

Immoral Attitude?

Immoral attitude was supposedly a Denver based band that existed around 85-86 and did some shows with Anghelic Upstarts and White pride. Can't say i have a cclue about their sound or anything since they seemed to frequent HC shows as much as Oi! shows.
Does anyone know anyhting about this band or even ahve some of their songs? Google, old zines, discogs etc gives no feedback that the group even existed so except for some old flyers they seem to be a myth.

fredag 13 september 2013

Midwest Live & Loud 2013

MAY 23rd, 24th, and 25th 2014



Oi! The Boat Records
Tattoo U


torsdag 29 augusti 2013

New job=No time

Just started a new gig far from where i live so basicaly i get up at 05:00 in the morning and come home at 17:30 in the afternoon. Add the general everyday shit that is social life and life in general i am left with little to no time for my sites.  I am also going to travel both comming weekends so don't expect any uppdates until middle of September or something.

måndag 19 augusti 2013

Aggroculture US - Demo (2013)

01. 6 to 1
02. Life is easier
03. Im comming
04. Bring the fight
05. Lunatics in power

New band from Orange County playing soft-Oi!. They have been around for little over a year but has already done shows with some of the bigger bands on the west-coast.

This is not really a demo but more a collection of tracks recorded in 2013, i dont even think they have a physical demo out there (or do they?). Most of these songs sound ok and sadly enough only one of them seem to rise above and actually tease my interest of a real release in the future. 6 to 1 is an ok Oi! song about police brutality and Im comming is an ok streetpunk anthem but i can't really get into any of them. I know i bitch about this when i review most lefty punk but most of them (this band included) seem to lack the attitude that i want from punk these days. Lunatics in power is the exception though and sports one hell of a singalong track with heavy siegedrums backing up a surprisingly brutal vocalist. Why can't they sound like this on all of their songs? If they ever release an album sounding like that last song i would order it without question.

Hang up your boots (live cover)

söndag 18 augusti 2013

The Warlords - Demo (2012)

01. Our scene
02. Arrogant bastard
03. Love it or leave it
04. We know our right
05. Aggro
06. Casual life

Oi! band from California consisting of members from Urban Decay and Crimewave.

As much as i love to hate Crimewave (one of the worst bands to ever come out of America if you ask me) i must say i quite like this band. They sound like a Patriot/The broadsiders hybrid which works just fine for my little ears.

I have a bursting headache today so i'm gonna keep it short. Just be sure to check out their songs Aggro and Love it or leave it, killer tracks.

lördag 17 augusti 2013

Updated the 99 bottles post

After getting 5 songs by 99 Bottles i posted them and got a strange feeling that i had seen their covert-art before. I went into my demo-drawer where i have hundreds of demo-cd's and cassettes that bands, labels or "scene-people" have sent me over the years and shamefully i found their whole demoCD layin there unopened and unheared. I took photo's of the coverart and added the 2 aditional tracks "US Skinheads" and "99 bottles". Check out the updated post here. And tons of thanks to Jesse H who sent it to me a while back (even though i just threw it in my drawer).

onsdag 14 augusti 2013

99 Bottles - Piss Roarin' Drunk DEMOCD (2011)

01. US skinhead
02. 99 Bottles
03. Working drunk
04. Cigarette
05. Oh Bobby
07. Boots and braces
07. I know why

Thanks to the band and Jesse H for sending me these songs.

---This is an update of an old post where i added the coverart and 2 aditional songs that where on the original demo--

A band from Colorado Springs who banded together in 2008 from various punkacts with one sole mission, to create their hometowns first proper Oi! band. The band released a split in 2011 with Piss and Vinegar from Denver (songs 1 and 2) and have done some bigger shows with well known acts like Iron Cross, Hudson Falcons and The Traditionals as well as new bands like Victory. The band has gone through various setups but the latest one was Mario Dalla Betta on vocals, Zeb Dyer and Mike Carbonell on guitars, Steve Yanoshek on bass and Sebastian Nutter on drums.

The band is currently in the works of releasing a split 7'' with their friends in Total annihilation later this year as well as being a part of the new 4-way splitcomp from Oi! the boat also later this year. More info on all these releases in the future.

Before recieving these songs i had only had the honor of hearing two songs by the band, their workingclass anthem "I know why" which i absolutely loved and their less convincing "Cigarette" which i never quite liked. The rest of the songs are of high quality with "99 Bottles" being the best "new song". Their sound is like a mixture of punk-ish Oi! like White Flag Down and Swedish Oi! (kid you not) like Perkele since they putt a heavy emphasis on the guitars in their songs (resemblances are especially easy to hear on I know why).

Looking forward to hearing their upcomming split since i thought Total annihilation was defunct these days.

Bound by strength (from upcomming Oi! the boat comp)

måndag 12 augusti 2013

Down for life - Demo (2012)

01. Unemployed
02. Chin up
03. Down for life
04. Liberty or death
05. My friend, my brother
06. Plight to the working man

New Oi! band from California consisting of Jordan on vocals, Dylan and Devin on guitars, Michael on bass and Tony on drums. Even though the bandname might give the impression of a half-assed NYHC band dressing in flatscreen caps and kneehigh white socks make no no mistake this is a straight up skinhead band. Sure it might be spiced with some HC-influences but the song Down for life says it all with lyrics like "Here to stay we are down for life we live this everyday/In this for the long haul skinheads rule ok!". The band sounds great so i hope they live by their lyrics and keep away from "sceneskippin" like many other do these days (we all remember Arne of RWnB with his lyrics about never changing just to go alternative christian rock some years on).
The previously mentioned track is probably the best one but be sure not to miss the veteran-tribute called Liberty or death that has a nice Battalion 86 feeling to it.

Great guitars, awesome singer and an allthrough solid demo.

Liberty or death

torsdag 8 augusti 2013

Back in the fields

Time to start up the engines and get back to more frequent updates after 2 slow months on the site. No more sun equals no more social interactions in my book so lets gear up the engines and get back to work here.
Redneck-pirate of the 21st century

The Outsiders - Don't thread on me 7'' (1999)

01. Don't thread on me
02. Crisis
03. What ever happened to the boys?
04. I wont be a soldier in your war (Frankies song)

Released by Haunted Town Records in 1999.

Legendary band from New Jersey that started out as a sideproject by members from Oi! Scouts, Squiggy and The Sick Boys. Even though the bands had their skinhead following the sound was a bit to punk and this was the members experiment of sort to create a more distinct skinhead Rock'n'Oi! sound. The band only released a split (which i uploaded 4 years ago and can be downloaded here) and this EP but recorded a ton of songs that never got a proper release other than being featured on various Squigtone compilations. This was until 2010 when Gabe re-formed Squigtone as Working Class Records and released a collection of all Outsiders tracks as the CD "From Liberty To Death".
A shortlived band that never got the respect they deserved.

Even though the band was created on the side of Squiggy i have always viewed this bands songs as Squiggy songs since the similarities are just to damn big to dismiss. I am thinking about songs like the opening track Don't thread on me that has that perfect and fast Squiggy feeling. A song that breaks away from the Squigmold is the last song (re-recording of the song Frankie) that turns it down a notch and delivers a more rock feeling that's not far away from the sound comming out of Texas today.

With album art like that, superb songs and the backprint "Not produced by Lars Frederikson" giving us a foreboding message of horrors to come for the American Oi! scene one can't do nothing more than to love this little gem of a record.
Album has been sold out for some time now.

tisdag 6 augusti 2013

Better Dead Than Red - Best of CD (2010)

01. Commie killer (new version)
02. Punk rocker fantasy (new version)
03. On the front line (new version)
04. Battle call (new version)
05. A better land (new version)
06. You are not forgotten (new version)
07. Into glory they ride (new version)
08. Our land, not your land (new version)
09. Only the strong survive (new version)
10. Forever your honor is true (new version)
11. Carolina (new version)
12. We're back
13. We aint no feel good band
14. Cant believe
15. Sword of the west
16. Ultra terror (new version)
17. Marx was wrong (demo version)
18. American radio (demo version)
19. Lionhearts (demo version)
20. RAC warrior (new vocals)
21. Smash the reds
22. For those who fight and die (new vocals)
23. Carry your banners (new vocals)
24. Wrong or right (new vocals)

Released by Wolf Pact in 2010

Since Empire falls and Antiseen keeps spittin out "Greatest hits" albums like they where diarrhea after taco-day then why shouldnt their side-project BDTR do it. I hate these sort of albums since it 's nothing but a bloody cash-in from the band. I know one can choose to buy them or not but as a collector i always want that "featuring new track" so i always end up buying them anyway. Now i have a special section for them in my bookcase so i can give them the evil eye everytime i pass it.

This record is a little bit different though and i must say it's one of the few Greatest Hits records that was actually woth the money, not so much because it's good but because the vast majority of the songs are new versions or rare demo-recordings.

As always when dealing with this band one can get quite fed up with the lyrics and their ongoing quest to be more and more non-PC and provocative. 95% of the lyrics are about commies in the gouvernment, commies in the scene or commies hating the band and how the band should go about exterminating them from the planet and thereby save humanity. Much like Harrington Saints tired lyrics about a socialist war i can see through the facade of these songs as well but unlike Harrington Sainst and other washed out candypunk bands BDTR delivers their childish lyrics with an attitude i love. It's brutal, hateful, violent and in your face from start to finish.

Good collection for collectors but i'd rather get a brand new record from the band.
Download (full coverscans included)

Our land, not your land

söndag 28 juli 2013

Great new site focusing on American Oi!

A great website focusing on American Oi! with interviews, reviews and even a free compilation. Nicely written and easy to navigate. Check it out at American-Oi

New (old) band: The Beatdowns

The original band started out in North Carolina back in 1997. They never released anything though an unofficial release came out on the internets in 2005 called "Blood, sweat & beers" (bootleg of mp3's i think).
Anyway the band is back with a new line-up consisting of members from Vanguard, King-sized killers and Antiseen. Check out the new song above and their facebook.

onsdag 24 juli 2013

211 puts on show in NY

Battered citizens - Rolling witht he punches 7'' (1989)

Hardcore band from Pittsburgh consisting of a mixed breed of skinheads and skaters in their line-up. This band had a short appearans on the Pensylvania scene but did some shows with more notorious Oi! and Oi!-core bands of it's days. This was the bands only release as far as i know but the band re-united last year so perhaps there might be some new stuff comming out.
01. By all extremes
02. Bullies
03. Head games
04. Give it a rest
05. No way out
06. (hidden song)

Released by Overkill Records in 1989.

Even though the recordcover might give the impression that we are dealing with folks be "sippin on gin and juice" the music is straight up hardcore with some Oi!choruses and nice breaks.
I dislike 75% of all hardcore both old and new but this band has always been a band i enjoy just like most of Slapshots albums. Most of the songs are great dealing with being a social outcast and the usual anti-system lyrics most HC bands do but the ones that stick out the most are Bullies (dealing with that exact subject) and the last hidden song that might be short but damn sweet giving us a rhythmic acoustic rnr song with piano (pure awesome).

Bullies from their 2012 re-uninon show

fredag 19 juli 2013

Interview with Eric from Wellington Arms.

Bernando: Hi Eric. First of all thanks for taking the time to answer a couple and sending in the latest demo (which sounds great by the way in all it's DIY awesomenes). Could you please introduce the band and it's current line-up for those who are new.

Eric: The line-up for Wellington Arms is Paul Sicilian on lead guitar, Kev M on Bass, Nate Woodell on drums, and this line-up has been consistent for a little over a year now. So far I think it's the best line-up we have had because as a band we can pretty much travel anywhere in the states to do a gig over a weekend , and we sound the best considering the dual guitars, and back-up vocals, but the only problem thou is we haven't had a proper chance to record anything in an state-of-the-art studio to really demonstrate the value of our band. For instance the Stahlhelme demo is pretty good, but we only had an hour to record the frame-work starting at 9pm on a week night when we all had work the next morning, and Nate just got done working a 12 hour shift, and was way too exhausted to be there in my opinion, and he also thought the same so... We want a studio where we can jam for about 8 hours straight, and we haven't had that chance yet, but that may change come late summer, and I hope it does because we go some serious material to put out there for ya guys.
Bernando: Any chance of getting this Stahlhelme demo on vinyl in the future? Or perhaps even a full-length coming up?

Eric: I doubt it because any investment that would be made would have to be a full length LP at this point, and I think any record label would agree. A full length album is our goal right now ha. Speaking of demo's thou WAR Records contacted me, and said that they will produce the original 4-track demo Living in Amerika from 2008, and as far as I heard it may be available by August. I'll keep ya posted on that for sure. As far as the Stahlhelm demo goes maybe we can release it on vinyl at a later date, but until then the CDR's I'm producing are pretty cool looking in my opinion, and most people will dig them.

Bernando: Speaking of demo's I remember seeing a CD with WA called Demo's 2008-2011 being released by some label called Working Class Skins last year. Since I have never heard you mentioning it before and never even heard of the label i must ask, is this a bootleg or a proper release?
Eric: It's an authorized bootleg from Germany ha. I don't mind people bootlegging our demos and all that, but a full-length release would be different of course, but till then burn and record away.

Bernando: Could you please explain what the whole "Spanish Arms" thing was all about? You traveled down to Spain for some time and joined forces with the Glory Boys if i recall correctly. Why and can we see any simulair co-operations in the future? (By the way what songs where recorded down there?)

Yeah we joined forces in April of 2010 and ah man Spain was a blast, and we do have some live practice recordings of the set-list I'll put out there one day. The trax we did were: Living in America, Today Chicago tomorrow the world, Boredom's a drag, Were young, International lover, I can't take anymore, Bringing you down. Drove me insane, and Government action. There may have been a few more, but I can't remember at the moment. When I sang with the Glory boys at the end of their set we covered Friday night by Skrewdriver, and Disorderly conduct by Arresting officers, and that was killer too. I would love to play with those guys again, but the line-up I have now is pretty legit so it won't be the same if we went over there except Vega on bass of course.
Eric with Glory Boys

Bernando: Your sound has a heavy 77-feeling to it and i know that Skrewdriver is a big influence. What other bands has had an impact on either the sound or the lyrics?

Eric: Well that's good then. Brutal Attack has always been a big influence on me too, but bands at the moment, and probably bands that influenced me also are: Hand of Doom, Black Sabbath, Pink turns blue, The Knots, Queen, Booze boys, Slaughter and the dogs, Bad Manners, Eater, George Thorogood, Iron Maiden,Crucifixion, Meat Loaf (Guess where) and early Ministry.
As far as lyrics go it all comes natural really when I hit the strings of the guitar, and sing about whats on the mind if anything. It's a Chicago blues thing ya dig?
O' Damn, and don't forget Bob Seger, and Springsteen haha

Bernando: Meat Loaf haha. Now that's something i didn't see coming. What exactly is it that Meat Loaf won't do for love? Stop watching porn?

Eric: Yeah great band musically depending on who ya ask. I'm influenced by them much in the same I am with such bands like Skrewdriver, Iron Maiden, and Brutal Attack because they are able to combine music, lyrical expression, and theatrics together which I see as very important. The elements amalgam, and I put this concept into Wellington Arms as well. Like for instance We're from Chicago, and we are a skinhead band, but I don't write these lyrics cause I'm patriotic because it's more then that. I'm a Chicagoan - this is my culture, and this is what I gotta say about it. It's about heading to the bar with your guitar, and playing with whoever else can pluck a string to your rhythm, and keep a beat on drums to then put some real energy into the void we call space. Some call it punk, but that's because maybe we dress that way, and some say it's skinhead, and that's because we are, but in reality - what we are doing is what the Chicago blues, and rock 'n' roll scene was doing before any of that and we're part of that like our fathers, and moms were. I drink heavy, and pretty much just drink ales, but like everyone else in the band and in Chicago we all started off drinking in the local bar with the old man with an Old Style in hand, pizza in the mouth, twenty dollars in the pocket for the jukebox, and the Chicago Bears game live on the television. Not to mention if you didn't have at-least one political debate you were a poser to go along in that environment,and I still believe that,and that's why I don't care about the skinhead scene that much because the whole "Non-political" stance has left that whole scene apathetic, and oblivious (clueless) between racial politics, and local politics which is something I can't handle. Not to mention how easy it is now for the commies to nick pick at everyone with ease these days. Politics are very important, and if I sound like a racist, fascist, or homophobic to any UN-American red then I know I'm doing my job well for my community so fuck it. For instance if it's racist to vote against Section 8 housing to take place in your neighborhood then I'm fine with that, and if it's non-skinhead to vote for a decent Representative in the streets and sanitation department then I don't want no part in that scene. Hell I got mine, and guess what we'll keep drinking, and rocking-in-the-free-world.
Bernando: I understand where you're coming from and have to agree with you on most of it. Skinhead is a word that can become quite dull and ignorant since the whole idea is built around a stereotype both in clothing (boots, short hair and right brands) music (ska, punk and some rock'n'roll) and even views and lifestyle (working class, patriotism and publife). So an almost philosophical question would be when does one start being a "skinhead" and when does one stop being a "skinhead". Same goes for politics and i can also become annoyed at the right/wrong climate of it all and the lack of a middle-ground. WE has always (in my book at least) been an non-political band as in your lyrics don't tend to point any fingers in any direction. How important is modern politics for the band and to what extent does it impact the lyrics and songs?

Eric: We all have our opinions on topics that directly or in-directly effect us, but we don't embrace any set ideology or campaign. I rather strap on the guitar, build a good riff and let the lyrics come natural to reflect whats going on in my life, and guess what? They do deal with real dilemmas that skinheads can relate to, and very well because the atmosphere to relate, and backlash against social upheaval is still there - it's viewed in our homes, on the street, and is a mouthful in the bar scene, and  it has been since the 1950's in countries such as England, America, and Europe, since the exploitation of multiculturalism , and there's no stopping it. Skinhead much like the other youth movements, and gangs at their original presence  fought over their original locality due to the influx of mass cultural migration , and this couldn't be more evident in England the day cropped youths put the steel to foreign influences such as the paki's, rockers, and the left-wing flower children of the Aquarian age. It's was/is cultural, but there were real politics, and racial problems behind it all that couldn't be ignored much like today, and people should be aware of what they are doing, and saying instead of being repugnant to these politics, or exemplifying acronym's to describe their political outlook without actually understanding what they are fighting for or against. Skinheads are, and will always remain patriotic, stylish and unfavorable to totalitarianism in the significant sense given their background, and that's all that needs to be said or said about them. They aren't anti-racist or racist because commies dictate that term and when its applied to a group or person, and they aint Nazis, Commies, or fascists because those are political parties that patriots won't buy into, but they can certainly "like" or "dislike" things about them. I certainly do, and do not like things about them, and I have no problem with a debate in person about them cause its interesting stuff.

As far as my theory on how a self governing country should work is this: The realm, Knights, magical babes, feasts, ale, and dragons...

no...On the real tho, skinhead or not- The worlds nations are important unless ya want an one world soup, pill and bread line, and If ya love your nation, and honor others - it's your responsibility to take care of your land,  your people, and the devoted culture that binds it all together . Vote wisely on issues, and invest great time into when it is, and when its not in the best interest to have foreigners compete in your markets let alone migrate into them, but most of all vote local cause it gets the job done. Trust me your garbage service, and flood clean-ups are more important right now then political theories. Other then that jot down what ya no, and jot down what ya don't, and get educated. It's always good to be quick on the uptake.
Bernando: How is the scene in Chi-town today? Any bands one should check out, stay away from etc. How is the scene in large over there as far as gigs and "unity" goes?

Eric: Ha, O' joy... I suppose its fine, and dandy if ya side with the left-wing, but for few of us rocking out for patriotism, and rebellion it's not. The scene itself is pretty good thou if not great when it comes down to gigs these days, but I much preferred it when the music scene was low-key, because the whole punk, and skin unity made more sense when we drank together in flats, and in the street rather then in venues that clearly rip us off. It was really cool to meet people, and although there was violence, it was usually a fair fight with a drink in the end compared to the "Safety in numbers" routine being practiced today by cowards. I miss the subterranean gigs, and all of that, but now it's all in the open for the left-wing to attend, and since then the criminality rate has went up ,and I couldn't even tell ya how many times these cunts have broke into cars, smashed venue windows, and have mobbed innocent people (ladies and men)  because of so-called political affiliations with wrenches, hammers, and knives, and the worst part about it it has made the scene submissive, and even counter involved to what got punkers, and skins involved in the scene in the first place because they feel they need to take a side.

There are a few bands from Chicago that rock, and although by me mentioning them to you may get them "attacked" by the left-wing it makes no sense on the lefts part so  I'll mention them anyways.

1: The Jetbirds (ex street brats)
2: Criminal Kids
3: Black Actress
4: The Capones
5: Bell-weather syndicate (dark wave)
6: Flesh Panthers
7: The non-believers
8: The infected
9: Brickwall Vultures ( I had to say it) ha ha ha
10: Is there a Ten... I dunno ha

As far as bands to stray from I don't really care what people listen or who they hang out with, but I'll be damned if I get get slagged off from the left-wings predominance because of our message of Patriotism, youth rebellion, and rock 'n' roll because it is important in what youth movements want out of it all in the first place.
 Bernando: Ok so here's a couple of short one's. Answer as you please:

-Piano in punk songs?
Eric: I love what Frankie flame does that's for sure. I don't know who else does it in that style, but if I found out I'd give it a listen.

-Zionism, Islam, Christianity and other forms of modern day religions.
Eric: Ha, I'm not content about the Zionists, and their Jewish destiny to make Jerusalem "the mecca of the world" at the expense of Western Civilization that's for sure. Nor I'm I happy to share a country with Muslims harmonious or not  -nor do I care for Christians either, but not because in what they believe in the biblical faithful sense, but because all three of these major affairs exploit markets, and working, and common people, for power, and profit in our free, and loyal countries.

Ha, which Zionist film is most likely to win an Oscar?
The Great Terrain Robbery of course, starring Sean CON-nery and Donald SMOTHER-land.

-Kanye West's latest album entitled "Black Skinhead".
Eric: Never even heard it till now, but I'm sure its bad. Alright let me see this video hold up... Ha, yeah this video is bad, and so are the lyrics. Hip pop is so drawn out ya think? Besides what the original hip-pop had to offer in its momentary existence hip pop in its entirety was the downfall of great music presented by black culture in my opinion.

How do you know that Adam and Eve weren't black? Ya ever hear of a black person giving up a spare rib ha ha ha.

-The lack of Mohawks and spikes in the modern Oi! scene.
Eric: Probably for the best since punk rock is so left-wing these days, but yeah its a shame to see the spikes, and Mohawks fleeting in favor for a well-received image. The attitude is just lost without I think - as it's more about the drugs then unity these days, and it's more about the image to uphold then rebellion for most punkers if not all. I used to love the girls that looked like the Devotchkas, and Beki Bondage however punk being more acceptable has lead to a abundance of smoking chicks into the mix regardless, and I can't complain bout that because they are usually always down for a drink or two with the skins, but I can't say that for the men thou cause they have no loyalty or respect. Heres a quote I wrote for the band.


-Football or football (soccer)?
Eric: Da bears... American football may not be the Grid-iron game I came to enjoy in the past, but it's still my favorite sport to watch. As far as football (Soccer) goes I think the sport has the best fan gear, but its not that enjoyable to me, and I prefer Hockey and rugby to soccer.
Bernando: What do you know about the greatest country in the world called Sweden?

Eric: Ha, that they have one of the best fan-zines there as in yours, and one of my favorite bands Ultima Thule, and Amon Armarth are from there. I also got my Thors hammer necklace for my bday (June 19th) from a friend that went to school there. I guess he said it was forged from the fires of Surt or something, and then he rambled on about Elves or dwarfs making it ha (haha they actually are). Other then that I've heard of her beauty, and would love to visit.

Bernando: Thanks for taking the time to do this and even more thanks for the good tunes over the years. Any last words?

Eric: Well thanks for putting out such a well written fanzine, and giving the band exposure over the years. One day the Arms will visit, and we'll drink to Sweden. Till next round. ~Eric Scott