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onsdag 14 augusti 2013

99 Bottles - Piss Roarin' Drunk DEMOCD (2011)

01. US skinhead
02. 99 Bottles
03. Working drunk
04. Cigarette
05. Oh Bobby
07. Boots and braces
07. I know why

Thanks to the band and Jesse H for sending me these songs.

---This is an update of an old post where i added the coverart and 2 aditional songs that where on the original demo--

A band from Colorado Springs who banded together in 2008 from various punkacts with one sole mission, to create their hometowns first proper Oi! band. The band released a split in 2011 with Piss and Vinegar from Denver (songs 1 and 2) and have done some bigger shows with well known acts like Iron Cross, Hudson Falcons and The Traditionals as well as new bands like Victory. The band has gone through various setups but the latest one was Mario Dalla Betta on vocals, Zeb Dyer and Mike Carbonell on guitars, Steve Yanoshek on bass and Sebastian Nutter on drums.

The band is currently in the works of releasing a split 7'' with their friends in Total annihilation later this year as well as being a part of the new 4-way splitcomp from Oi! the boat also later this year. More info on all these releases in the future.

Before recieving these songs i had only had the honor of hearing two songs by the band, their workingclass anthem "I know why" which i absolutely loved and their less convincing "Cigarette" which i never quite liked. The rest of the songs are of high quality with "99 Bottles" being the best "new song". Their sound is like a mixture of punk-ish Oi! like White Flag Down and Swedish Oi! (kid you not) like Perkele since they putt a heavy emphasis on the guitars in their songs (resemblances are especially easy to hear on I know why).

Looking forward to hearing their upcomming split since i thought Total annihilation was defunct these days.

Bound by strength (from upcomming Oi! the boat comp)

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