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söndag 18 augusti 2013

The Warlords - Demo (2012)

01. Our scene
02. Arrogant bastard
03. Love it or leave it
04. We know our right
05. Aggro
06. Casual life

Oi! band from California consisting of members from Urban Decay and Crimewave.

As much as i love to hate Crimewave (one of the worst bands to ever come out of America if you ask me) i must say i quite like this band. They sound like a Patriot/The broadsiders hybrid which works just fine for my little ears.

I have a bursting headache today so i'm gonna keep it short. Just be sure to check out their songs Aggro and Love it or leave it, killer tracks.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Loving all the new stuff you are putting up

  2. Ehh these guys are alright. Same ol same ol. When are you going to cover Youngblood?

    1. I plan to at least upload their Final War record since it's a dan good album. We'll see