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måndag 19 augusti 2013

Aggroculture US - Demo (2013)

01. 6 to 1
02. Life is easier
03. Im comming
04. Bring the fight
05. Lunatics in power

New band from Orange County playing soft-Oi!. They have been around for little over a year but has already done shows with some of the bigger bands on the west-coast.

This is not really a demo but more a collection of tracks recorded in 2013, i dont even think they have a physical demo out there (or do they?). Most of these songs sound ok and sadly enough only one of them seem to rise above and actually tease my interest of a real release in the future. 6 to 1 is an ok Oi! song about police brutality and Im comming is an ok streetpunk anthem but i can't really get into any of them. I know i bitch about this when i review most lefty punk but most of them (this band included) seem to lack the attitude that i want from punk these days. Lunatics in power is the exception though and sports one hell of a singalong track with heavy siegedrums backing up a surprisingly brutal vocalist. Why can't they sound like this on all of their songs? If they ever release an album sounding like that last song i would order it without question.

Hang up your boots (live cover)

2 kommentarer:

  1. New nice band - little like UK band Distortion
    ok take a bongo



    illiterate skin

  2. Same singer as Fierce Intentions. 15 or so years later.