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måndag 31 augusti 2009

Anti-heros - Live on a five 7'' (1997)

01. The herbert moonstomp
02. The rapist
A live Ep released by Headache Records. Super quality thanks to Marks singing.
It features one song from their first album and a cover of british Combat 84's song Rapist.
I have to say that i like this version better then the original but i guess thats the whole idea of making covers. Why even make them if they are worse then the original.

Anti-heros - American pie (1996)

01. The tradition
02. Carte blanche for chaos
03. Heroes & zeroes
04. Fuck hollywood
05. Jennifer
06. Rock and roll fantasy
07. Return to Manzanar
08. On the streets again
09. Hurricane Bubba
10 Jerry was a piece of shit
11. Murder one
12. Rock and roll nigger

Also this one released by GMM records.

(Update 16 March 2012: Uploaded the album again but this time with full coverart included.)

First full-length album with Mark Magee on guitar and you can clearly hear the difference.
A bit more political album this time especially Hurricane Bubba that goes all out attack on Bill Clinton (calling him Liberal dictator, potsmoker, draft dodger and worst of all in america TAX RAISER!). It features a cover of Cockney Rejects song On the streets again and the underground hit Fuck Hollywood that was featured on the legendary Backstreets of american Oi!.
Great guitarplay and all in all a good selection of songs.

Lyrics for You'll never put us down by Anti-heros

Started out five years ago and we are still true blue
But now after all the laughs, what happened to you?
You talk about a new nation, say your the youth of today
Now you've got a gang of nazi's but you were punk rockers yesterday

[Chorus] You'll never put us down with all the bullshit that you said
You'll never put us down with the lies that you spread
We'll always be around, we're the true american skinheads
We always hold our ground, always stand by what we said

Try to act like a real man but a gang is just a sham
Try to act like an american but you're sleeping with the kkklan
Their never was an individual living under our blue sky
Who would ever want to be the lord of the flies


When the city turns to black and we're all out on the street
Getting run off by the cops for the boots tied on our feet
Maybe then you'll realize your means don't see the end
And someday you'll remember that i used to call you my friend


Anti-heros - Election day 7'' (1993)

01. Election day
02. Oi!
03. You'll never put us down
New lineup and a new recordlabel (GMM Records).
First song is about the dirty politicians that america (not only america) seems to be plagued by. Great song and even a bit of synthesizer.
Second song is a skinhead anthem and would be on my playlist if it wasnt for the 2 minute guitar-intro.
The track that stands out is You'll never put us down and adresses the trend of patriotic skinheads turncoating into facism. There is a good saying that goes "National pride through unity, white pride without prejudice"
Top Ep!
(Update 25 Sept 2009 these tracks was originally recorded in 1989 but was never put out until 1993 was also the last ones to feature Joe Winograd on guitar) (Thanks to Elvis for info)

Anti-heros - Dont tread on me (1988)

01. National debt
02. Escape to the city
03. Criminal mischief
04. Catch 22
05. In the cards
06. Dignity
07. All hail santa
08. Hate edge
09. Jail house rock
10. Pu on my di
11. Alcoholics anonymous
12. Dark streets
13. Gone with the wind

Basicly the same thing as their first album but instead of packing it with an even greater song after another they desided to be comedians and include a "funny" rapsong (Pu on my di), cristmas song (All hail santa) and a skinhead version of Elvis Jailhouse rock.
If you ignore these attempts on being funny its a really good album.
Favourite songs are In the cards, Dignity, Hate edge and some of the best drums ive heard on Dark streets.
Not as good as the first one but not far away.

Anti-heros - Thats right! (1987)

01. Thats right
02. Disco riot
03. You cant kill the blues with a gun
04. The other side
05. The young loner
06. The herbert moonstomp
07. Some fun
08. Hes a skin
09. Im hungry
10. Choose
11. The bomb
12. Porch monkey
13. Whats a skin
14. Smash a window
Ok this is it. The record that made me fall in love with the American sound.
Everything just fits perfectly. The drums and the slapping bass combined with Mark Noah's aggressive deliverance on the tracks is just pure killer. I can go on talking about how great it is and how many dicks i want to suck but just download it and listen for yourself.

Anti-heros live at CBGB

Anti-heros performing Thats Right from their first LP at CBGB's somewhere around 1990.


Anti-heros is probably the most well known American Oi!-band and also one of the most important.
They started out in Atlanta back in 1984, released 2 albums on Link records (but never got payed nothing by CEO Mr. Brennan) before breaking up.
They started fresh 1993 with a new recordcompany and a new lineup (recruiting Mark Magee from british band Condemned 84 on guitar).
The band has been in a lot of controversy because of "racist lyrics" and i have not yet to this day found a single song preaching racial hate by the Anti-heros (if you do please comment or mail me).

Another factor of them being branded was the cover for the singlecd Murder One that featured a dead black man (like that aint been done before). What people didnt consider was that the song was about 3 rich kids killing a bum and the song ended with these lyrics.
"Scum like you don't deserve to live free, I think you'd look good hanging from a tree/No remorse when your dealt all of the spades, I hope you get raped in jail and die of aids"

In their later career they became more politicaly aware. This truly shines through on their last record Underneath the underground.
It has been a lot of talk about new material and we can all hope that Mark Noah and the boys understands that this politically correct world never needed a bunch of drunken antiheros more then today.

Paxton boys - Skinhead Rock 'n' Roll 7'' (1999)

01. Weekend
02. Never give in
03. Star spangled youth
04. Crime & punishment

Band from Massachusetts that only released this one Ep on Punkcore records back in 1999.
One of those bands that release something great and leaves you wanting more just to dissapear into oblivion and start half-ass streetpunk bands.
The 4 tracks they released (except for 2 songs on the Rocking the streets volume 2 compilation) are all top notch and Star spangled youth is my favourite. Crime & punishment gives a quick solution to overpopulated prisons and ends the song with "give them all a lethal injection". Well if its American its American.

söndag 30 augusti 2009

Moloko men & Violent drunks - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Moloko men - Life on the run
02. Moloko men - Hooligan army
03. Violent drunks - On the backstreets
04. Violent drunks - Outhouse punks

Last release from Moloko men by Oink! Records in 1998.
It is a split with the Boot Party sideproject Violent drunks. Same fastpaced sound with both groups so it feels like a Moloko record allthrough.
This is the first record that Moloko dont use samples from the movie Clockwork orange but they make up with that by putting an image from the movie on the cover.
Best song on the split is On the backstreets by Violent drunks. Great record all in all.

Moloko men - Oi! working class 7'' (1997)

01. Oi! working class
02. United we stand
03. Oi! the boys
04. Moloko men

There second EP released by DIM records in 1997.
This record is very different from the other. Slower tempo and more "american" sound to it.
I like this sound more and Oi! working class is the best song they released in my oppinion.

Moloko Men - Drunk and poor LP (1998)

01. Lower class
02. Drunk and poor
03. Moloko militia
04. Clockwork skinhead
05. Today's corruption
06. Fist on fist
07. Victim of the system
08. Violence just for kicks
09. Clockwork ultra violence
10. Boys of the boot
11. L.V.M.P.D.
12. Never forget
13. America
14. Skinhead girl
15. In the streets
16. No one
17. Fight, kill or die

Fast-paced and aggressive album of very high quality. Most of the tracks are a bit cliché for the skinhead-scene. My favourite tracks on the LP is Lower class, Boys of the boot and Moloko militia (whitch has no verses whatsoever but delivers a hardcore speeded battle-anthem).
A record that is perfect for drunken mayhem and fore party slamdancing. Just dont take the lyrics to seriously (one of the tracks is called Fight, kill or die haha).

Moloko Men - Clockwork ultra violence (1997)

01. Clockwork ultra violence
02. America
03. No title
04. Soldier boy

A California band heavily influenced by the movie Clockwork Orange (Moloko being the spiced up liquid they drink at the Korova milkbar in the movie). Moloko Men a.k.a. Moloko Militia never released any CD but they released 3 Ep's and a LP record. This being the first one and my least favourite one. It was released by Vulture Rock Records in 1997.
Moloko men's singer Jared Meyer had a more growling songstyle then other American Oi bands and reminds me of the 80's british punk.
Good recording quality and a really rare collectors item (gotta love the album-cover).
Be on the lookout for there upcoming "Greatest hits" record soon to be released through Fallen Angel Records.

lördag 29 augusti 2009

First strike - In veneration off fallen heros (1998)

01. Fought the good fight
02. Social engineers
03. Bandera
04. Our freedom
05. Executive privilege
06. Eye of the needle
07. Child killer
08 Shit job
09. Just deserves
10. Fair weather rebels
11. Red scum
12. Business as usual

Released by Thug Rock Records in 1998.

(Updated 27 April: Uploaded the record again.)

Lyricaly this is one of the greatest American punkrecords i know. It talks about the workingmans struggle (Our freedom), powerhungry politicians (Executive privilege & Eye of the needle), racist cops (Business as usual), Vietnam vets (Fought the good fight).

But the one track that stands out the most is Bandera. A song about Stepan Bandera the political leader of the Ukraine Nationalist party during WWII. A man that would not back down from a fight and fought both Germany and Russia for a independent Ukraine state.

"Caught in the crunch, the flame of life burns low/You fought for your nation, you fought from the soul/Freedom from oppression, these were your goals/Death to tyrants, both right and left, Let all people know/You fought the Reds, you fought the Nazi scum/For Nazis and Communist/ Mercy, you had none"

Even though the singer sounds like he is falling asleep on some tracks this is pure old school Oi! of the american style and a must have for anyone already addicted.



First strike - First strike Ep (1997)

01. Let the rich go to war
02. On the dick
03. Counter revolution

(Update 2 May 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Next stop is New york and the living legends of the First Strike. A band that has been both loved and hated for its take no prisoners attitude. Their lyrics where strongly anti-communist and anti-gay and could have been a band that the media would have branded "nazi" if it wasnt for the fact that 2/3 members was black. They where NOT by any means racist and not one of their lyrics was.
The band consisted of Rich on vocals and guitar , Taj from Vibram 94 on bass and "Unknown soldier" on drums (many rumours say that it was actually Phil Templar of the Templars behind the skimask).

This was their first record deal since they started playing in 1994.
The Ep was released through Sta-press Records in 1997.
It has a really raw sound and i dont think no one not already into Oi! would like this.
Let the rich go to war shows that even a patriotic band doesnt have to be blind patriots "They love their countries when their countries fight/ they suck all the profit so let them go die".
On the dick talks about being an american skinhead and not worshiping the british culture and trying to be something your not.
The last and weakest track is an all out attack on everything thats even slightly left of the republicans. They talk about liberals, homosexuals, antiwar protestors, communists and the way that they are destroying the american way of life. I am for free speech no matter how stupid it may be so this song is not really my cup of tea.
All in all its a trademark in American Oi! and set a trend both musically (Counterattack) and lyricaly for a lot of years to come.

Soldier 76 - Power it up 7'' (1999)

01. Soldier 76
02. Football firm
03. A call to arms

The single ep from there 1999 record Balance of armour.
Features two tracks from the full-length and an instrumental track called A call to arms.
I know that it is a B-side but its just to weak and annoying to even make me consider buying this ep. Its mainly a show-off solo from the guitarist that is looped into some sort of battleanthem for drunken skinheads.
Great artwork on the cover and it also contains the self-tilted song which is my favourite by the band. But with a weak b-side i dont see why noone should even bother.

Soldier 76 - Balance of armour (1999)

01. Soldier 76
02. On our way
03. Thin blue line
04. Life and times
05. Rockstar
06. Skinheads on the piss
07. Football firm
08. Here come the cops
09. The way it is
10. Handful of shit
11. Hicktown

The first upload and review starts in Fresno-California and features members from Boot Party and Violent Drunks. Some members would later go on to form Patton's Legion.
Soldier 76 released this record in 1999 on Vulture Rock.
This was the first and only release except for a 7-inch single that was released at the same time.
The sound is in my ears a one of a kind but still has that typical American rock'n'oi sound.
The one track that stands out is the self-titled track about the American civil war with lyrics such as "13 stars of the red, white and blue/revolution that calls, revolution so true/1 by land and 2 by sea/defeat the read coats that taxs our tea" it cant simply go wrong.
The whole record holds a great production value (for being a punk album) and the drums are some of the best i have heard from US.
If you by any chance can get ahold of this record then buy it. Im sure you wont regret it.
But for now download it and see what US of Oi! is all about.



I have started this blogg in a dedication to new and old Oi! from the states. I will review records and also upload rare and exotic demos etc.
If i like it i buy it out of respect for the artists the same should go for you.
So lets start and try keeping this as apolitical and mature as we can.

Best wishes// Bernando de Aliando