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söndag 30 augusti 2009

Moloko Men - Clockwork ultra violence (1997)

01. Clockwork ultra violence
02. America
03. No title
04. Soldier boy

A California band heavily influenced by the movie Clockwork Orange (Moloko being the spiced up liquid they drink at the Korova milkbar in the movie). Moloko Men a.k.a. Moloko Militia never released any CD but they released 3 Ep's and a LP record. This being the first one and my least favourite one. It was released by Vulture Rock Records in 1997.
Moloko men's singer Jared Meyer had a more growling songstyle then other American Oi bands and reminds me of the 80's british punk.
Good recording quality and a really rare collectors item (gotta love the album-cover).
Be on the lookout for there upcoming "Greatest hits" record soon to be released through Fallen Angel Records.

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