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måndag 31 augusti 2009

Anti-heros - Thats right! (1987)

01. Thats right
02. Disco riot
03. You cant kill the blues with a gun
04. The other side
05. The young loner
06. The herbert moonstomp
07. Some fun
08. Hes a skin
09. Im hungry
10. Choose
11. The bomb
12. Porch monkey
13. Whats a skin
14. Smash a window
Ok this is it. The record that made me fall in love with the American sound.
Everything just fits perfectly. The drums and the slapping bass combined with Mark Noah's aggressive deliverance on the tracks is just pure killer. I can go on talking about how great it is and how many dicks i want to suck but just download it and listen for yourself.

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  2. Anonymous posters dont have the right to talk shit about bandmembers.

  3. Best American Oi! record to date.

  4. I would love to revisit this album. This was one my staples as a 15 year old.