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måndag 31 augusti 2009

Lyrics for You'll never put us down by Anti-heros

Started out five years ago and we are still true blue
But now after all the laughs, what happened to you?
You talk about a new nation, say your the youth of today
Now you've got a gang of nazi's but you were punk rockers yesterday

[Chorus] You'll never put us down with all the bullshit that you said
You'll never put us down with the lies that you spread
We'll always be around, we're the true american skinheads
We always hold our ground, always stand by what we said

Try to act like a real man but a gang is just a sham
Try to act like an american but you're sleeping with the kkklan
Their never was an individual living under our blue sky
Who would ever want to be the lord of the flies


When the city turns to black and we're all out on the street
Getting run off by the cops for the boots tied on our feet
Maybe then you'll realize your means don't see the end
And someday you'll remember that i used to call you my friend


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