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lördag 29 augusti 2009

Soldier 76 - Balance of armour (1999)

01. Soldier 76
02. On our way
03. Thin blue line
04. Life and times
05. Rockstar
06. Skinheads on the piss
07. Football firm
08. Here come the cops
09. The way it is
10. Handful of shit
11. Hicktown

The first upload and review starts in Fresno-California and features members from Boot Party and Violent Drunks. Some members would later go on to form Patton's Legion.
Soldier 76 released this record in 1999 on Vulture Rock.
This was the first and only release except for a 7-inch single that was released at the same time.
The sound is in my ears a one of a kind but still has that typical American rock'n'oi sound.
The one track that stands out is the self-titled track about the American civil war with lyrics such as "13 stars of the red, white and blue/revolution that calls, revolution so true/1 by land and 2 by sea/defeat the read coats that taxs our tea" it cant simply go wrong.
The whole record holds a great production value (for being a punk album) and the drums are some of the best i have heard from US.
If you by any chance can get ahold of this record then buy it. Im sure you wont regret it.
But for now download it and see what US of Oi! is all about.


2 kommentarer:

  1. This album is such a classic! Like many oi bands, I wish this album would get re-released on vinyl someday. There really isn't a bad song on it!
    Oh and not sure if you are aware, the Philadelphia based band Thunder and Glory(ex-singer from punk band The Boils) do a cover of the song Soldier 76. It is supposed to be on their upcoming EP coming out soon on Stratum Records. So keep an eye out for that.
    Steve from NJ

    1. Had no idea they would do a cover of that song. First proper cover ever of a Soldier 76 song to be put on vax if my knowledge is correct. Wonder why so few US bands cover other US songs (unless its Stars and Stripes that is)