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måndag 31 augusti 2009

Anti-heros - Dont tread on me (1988)

01. National debt
02. Escape to the city
03. Criminal mischief
04. Catch 22
05. In the cards
06. Dignity
07. All hail santa
08. Hate edge
09. Jail house rock
10. Pu on my di
11. Alcoholics anonymous
12. Dark streets
13. Gone with the wind

Basicly the same thing as their first album but instead of packing it with an even greater song after another they desided to be comedians and include a "funny" rapsong (Pu on my di), cristmas song (All hail santa) and a skinhead version of Elvis Jailhouse rock.
If you ignore these attempts on being funny its a really good album.
Favourite songs are In the cards, Dignity, Hate edge and some of the best drums ive heard on Dark streets.
Not as good as the first one but not far away.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Actually "All Hail Santa" and "Jailhouse Rock" were always there "Pu On My Di" was added because the original tapes were lost when Mark Noah sent them to Mark Brennan and Lol Pryor of Link Records. Two tracks were cut for compilation LP's "Sick Pack Daze" and "Dead Inside"


  2. Hey any chance you could re-up this album please? Thanks, love this site and what you're doing! Cheers from NJ