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lördag 29 augusti 2009

First strike - First strike Ep (1997)

01. Let the rich go to war
02. On the dick
03. Counter revolution

(Update 2 May 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Next stop is New york and the living legends of the First Strike. A band that has been both loved and hated for its take no prisoners attitude. Their lyrics where strongly anti-communist and anti-gay and could have been a band that the media would have branded "nazi" if it wasnt for the fact that 2/3 members was black. They where NOT by any means racist and not one of their lyrics was.
The band consisted of Rich on vocals and guitar , Taj from Vibram 94 on bass and "Unknown soldier" on drums (many rumours say that it was actually Phil Templar of the Templars behind the skimask).

This was their first record deal since they started playing in 1994.
The Ep was released through Sta-press Records in 1997.
It has a really raw sound and i dont think no one not already into Oi! would like this.
Let the rich go to war shows that even a patriotic band doesnt have to be blind patriots "They love their countries when their countries fight/ they suck all the profit so let them go die".
On the dick talks about being an american skinhead and not worshiping the british culture and trying to be something your not.
The last and weakest track is an all out attack on everything thats even slightly left of the republicans. They talk about liberals, homosexuals, antiwar protestors, communists and the way that they are destroying the american way of life. I am for free speech no matter how stupid it may be so this song is not really my cup of tea.
All in all its a trademark in American Oi! and set a trend both musically (Counterattack) and lyricaly for a lot of years to come.

9 kommentarer:

  1. They are actually from NYC. They have reformed with a new lineup (sans unknown soldier, unfortunately). They are playing at the upcoming Oi Fest in upstate new york.

  2. Haha did i get anything right?

  3. sans wasn't the drummer SANS means "without"

  4. Mac from Oxblood was the man behind the mask. I use to see them live. It was no secret. You can tell by the drumming that it isn't Phil Templar.

  5. I think Phil Templar did play with them on occasion though I don't believe it's him on the recordings.

  6. Mac was the drummer for the ep, Phil was the drummer for the lp

  7. These guys are good. Someone should reissue them on CD. I'd buy that.

    Also, someone should set 'On The Dick' to a slideshow of Rancid Lars and put it up on YouTube for the lulz and drama.

    You know, Lars really should explore his Scandinavian (presumably) heritage and start a Viking Metal band. It could be called 'Wolfhammer' or 'Raven's Tooth', or something. I bet that it would be freaking awesome.


    1. A band i guess you either love or hate, atleast thats the feeling i get when talking to people who has heard them. Me personally.. i love them. Most of their new songs are as good or even better than their old stuff. Have you heard their song from last year called Katyn? Was on the United skins for freedom of speech compilation.

    2. I've got that compilation as mp3 but I haven't listened to most of it yet. Just skipped around a few songs from bands I'd heard of.



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