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söndag 30 augusti 2009

Moloko Men - Drunk and poor LP (1998)

01. Lower class
02. Drunk and poor
03. Moloko militia
04. Clockwork skinhead
05. Today's corruption
06. Fist on fist
07. Victim of the system
08. Violence just for kicks
09. Clockwork ultra violence
10. Boys of the boot
11. L.V.M.P.D.
12. Never forget
13. America
14. Skinhead girl
15. In the streets
16. No one
17. Fight, kill or die

Fast-paced and aggressive album of very high quality. Most of the tracks are a bit cliché for the skinhead-scene. My favourite tracks on the LP is Lower class, Boys of the boot and Moloko militia (whitch has no verses whatsoever but delivers a hardcore speeded battle-anthem).
A record that is perfect for drunken mayhem and fore party slamdancing. Just dont take the lyrics to seriously (one of the tracks is called Fight, kill or die haha).

1 kommentar:

  1. what a great lp great sound, is it me or does the singer sound like the the singer form THE GORLY (UK OI BAND) in some places.