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måndag 31 augusti 2009

Anti-heros - Election day 7'' (1993)

01. Election day
02. Oi!
03. You'll never put us down
New lineup and a new recordlabel (GMM Records).
First song is about the dirty politicians that america (not only america) seems to be plagued by. Great song and even a bit of synthesizer.
Second song is a skinhead anthem and would be on my playlist if it wasnt for the 2 minute guitar-intro.
The track that stands out is You'll never put us down and adresses the trend of patriotic skinheads turncoating into facism. There is a good saying that goes "National pride through unity, white pride without prejudice"
Top Ep!
(Update 25 Sept 2009 these tracks was originally recorded in 1989 but was never put out until 1993 was also the last ones to feature Joe Winograd on guitar) (Thanks to Elvis for info)

6 kommentarer:

  1. These tracks were recorded around 1989 and are the last to feature Joe Winograd on guitar. Mark Noah started GMM records and put these lost gems out.


  2. Joe Winograd is now a highly successful and sought after software engineer in Silicon Valley last I heard.


  3. could this be on the re-up list thanks

  4. can you re-up all Anti-Heroes list from megaupload?

    1. Already on the list but can't find the time or energy to re-upload them. Soon though