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måndag 31 augusti 2009


Anti-heros is probably the most well known American Oi!-band and also one of the most important.
They started out in Atlanta back in 1984, released 2 albums on Link records (but never got payed nothing by CEO Mr. Brennan) before breaking up.
They started fresh 1993 with a new recordcompany and a new lineup (recruiting Mark Magee from british band Condemned 84 on guitar).
The band has been in a lot of controversy because of "racist lyrics" and i have not yet to this day found a single song preaching racial hate by the Anti-heros (if you do please comment or mail me).

Another factor of them being branded was the cover for the singlecd Murder One that featured a dead black man (like that aint been done before). What people didnt consider was that the song was about 3 rich kids killing a bum and the song ended with these lyrics.
"Scum like you don't deserve to live free, I think you'd look good hanging from a tree/No remorse when your dealt all of the spades, I hope you get raped in jail and die of aids"

In their later career they became more politicaly aware. This truly shines through on their last record Underneath the underground.
It has been a lot of talk about new material and we can all hope that Mark Noah and the boys understands that this politically correct world never needed a bunch of drunken antiheros more then today.

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  1. Murder One is a wrok of bad fiction see comment for American Pie CD