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onsdag 31 mars 2010

The postals - One nation under the influence (2007)

01. Banned from the pub
02. Fast forward
03. Drink
04. Going postal
05. American dream
06. Baseball bat
07. Fuckin inebriated
08. Last call

Selfreleased by the band in 2007.

A three-piece band from North carolina playing heavy punk rock n roll. This band was started by Aaron on vocals and guitar, John on bass and Nap on drums. This is basically their entire carrer on a cd since Aaron left the band and moved back to Washington right after this release and finding no replacement the band was put 6 feet under. The year after though they lended 3 songs from this release to the compilation Oi! dont pay the bills.
The music is rock 'n' roll with lyrics about fighting, drinking and basicly going postal. Though they deliver the songs with a sense of humour that most drink'n'fight bands lack and Aaron's vocals give the lyrics some credibility. On the songs Baseball bat and Last call i wonder if Aaron even was conscious when recording since his mumbling sounds more like something you will hear in the back of that lowclass bar at closing time.
Best tracks that you shouldnt miss out on are Fuckin inebriated, Drink and Banned from the pub.
All mumbling aside this record is something you really cant miss if you are even slightly Länkintrested in the modern American punk scene.
(Update: I fixed the upload file so everything should work now.)

tisdag 30 mars 2010

Stiff middle finger - Neck demo (2005)

01. Stiff middle finger
02. Six days
03. Sabotage
04. Crutches and coffins
05. Nickel beers
06. Riot
07. Die on your feet (outro)

Released with the help of Neck records in 2005.

A three-piece band consisting of members from Delaware and Philadelphia playing fast and aggessive punk with an attitude fitting their band name. I first heard this band on the Neck records compilation called Oi! dont pay the bills from 2008. The band totally blew me away on that record so i was a bit let down when i heard their only release other from those songs wasnt with the same rock n roll feeling that they had in 2008. Its in no way bad and if you are a fan of Squiggy's early stuff you will love these guys (and girl). The songs are short (most ending around 1:00) and the last 2 tracks are more crusty then Oi!. Their song Six days about the despair of the workingmans life is the best track on the demo and has a great 77/oi! feeling to it.
Even if i do like their later sound better this album is a rare little gem (comming from a scene in Delaware that i thought was dead haha).

The band is currently looking for a drummer but as far as i know they are still active today.
Much respect to Neck records for sending me his demo (and a bunch of other great records) and actually contributing something without dollarsigns in their eyes.

söndag 28 mars 2010


Have been slow with the uploads lately but that is only becaus i have to stick with cd's and mp3's. This week though if i get a day of from work i will go and buy my brand new reordplayer that suposedly (according to the salesman) makes sick rips from vinyls. I will also buy myself a propper scanner so i dont have to take halfass photos of the records.
I will "celebrate" this with an upload of 3 extremely rare 7-inches by Limecell so keep your eyes on the blogg (or even better add yourself for updates by clicking to the right).

fredag 26 mars 2010

New album by Armed suspects

A split album with Ol' cheeky bastards consisting of 6 new Armed suspects songs and 2 old now remade in acoustic versions. What i have heard it sounds alright though i cant really say nothing about Ol' cheeky bastards since this is the first time i hear of them.

onsdag 24 mars 2010

Lyrics for Bedroom song by Armed suspects

I woke up this morning to the sound of the alarm
Pulled myself out of bed, put on my uniform
Made myself some coffie but the milk came out in clumps
Everuthing in the fridge has been expired for 2 months

And i dont know why i even bother trying anymore
To force myself i dont want to go outside the door
The world outside dont like me and i dont care for them
So why should i even bother when its cosy in my bed

Well here in my bedroom i can put my headphones on
Crank up the radio and listen to my favourite songs
And noone will disturb me or tell me what to do
Why should i even leave the comfort of my bedroom

And i dont know why i even bother trying anymore
To force myself i dont want to go outside the door
The world outside dont like me and i dont care for them
So why should i even bother when its cosy in my bed

Its not that im antisocial and im not feeling depressed
I just dont see the point in getting up and getting dressed
Go to work and do a job that makes me feel like crap
When id rather just sit back and have another napp

And i dont know why i even bother trying anymore
To force myself i dont want to go outside the door
The world outside dont like me and i dont care for them
So why should i even bother when its cosy in my bed

Armed suspects - Time will tell (2007)

01. Intro
02. Reason to believe
03. For the kids
04. Jimmy the saint
05. Hold fast
06. Taking the fall
07. Bedroom song
08. Different way
09. Time will tell
10. Asbury lanes
11. Losing the fight
12. Fighting man
13. Working class thugs
14. Class war
15. Poor mans choice
16. F.I.S.T.
17. Sue me for what
18. The noose
19. Round of shots (bonus track)
20. Little rumours (bonus track)
21. Hopeless (bonus track)
22. Anthem (bonus track)
Released by Kings crown records in 2007.
Now this is more like it. Dont know what happened but they made a 180 in a year. Everything fits perfect on this album (even if that eiree crap is crawling around the corner on most song) and they have really succeded in making hitsongs that sticks in your head. All from the guitarplay on Losing the fight and the singalong friendly choruses on the antiwar anthem Hold fast and Reason to believe i am certain that this band could even go Dropkick big. They show of their great poppunk abilitys in Class war and the antisocial song Bedroom song.
Also added for this record is 4 songs from their 2006 EP Hopeless. These 4 tracks are not of the same quality as the rest of the album but Anthem is an ok skinheadanthem worth checking out.
When i give this album 9 its not for an Oi! album just an album filled with great music. Just skip their first releases and stick to this one album, you will thank me.

Armed susects & The skels - Split 7'' (2006)

01. Armed suspects - O'farrels
02. Armed suspects - Whiskey of bottle
03. The skels - The rain came pissing down
04. The skels - Across the raging seas

Released by Pirate press in 2006.

There is very few things i hate more then stereotype Irish bands. Let me get this correct..... you drink all day, fight all night, are hardcore catholics and sail the seas for a living? Somehow i find that hard to believe and if this is all a fantasy for you then why not go all out and make some bilbo baggins hobbit music cause thats how most eiree songs sound to me. What is even more anoying is the fact that we even here in Sweden have kids with absolutely no Irish roots thinking its cool and blending it with punk (damn you Dropkick do you know what monster you have created).
Anyway this one was released in 2006 and the whole Irish clover crapp might not have been so played out as it is today so ill give The skels some slacks and take it for what it is.
Armed suspects serve 2 tracks from their full release. 1 good, 1 bad. The skels play classic..... who am i kidding lets just get this interview over with.

Armed suspects - Next stop, new scene (2006)

01. Intro
02. Your freedom
03. Bootle of whiskey
04. Poseurs
05. The answer
06. 20 years old
07. Giving up
08. Next stop, new scene
09. O'farrels
10. Back on track
11. Through hard times
12. Big mouths & handcuffs
13. Be a man
14. Pride
15. Punx have hair (skinheads dont)

Selfreleased in 2006

This is not by far any of my favourite bands even if they are more musically advanced then most i like. It seems that they ae concentrating to much on making hitsongs and sometimes they hit but most songs are big fails. I can hear how great they can be on pure streetpunk tracks like Poseurs and O'farrels but its when they take it up a notch and increase the tempo where they loose me. Most tracks on this album just melt into some sort of guitarsolo crossed with irish mumbling and that might be what msot people prefer over brickwall oi! but not me.

tisdag 23 mars 2010

Armed suspect (introduction)

Band from New york that was started back in 2004 by Jay on vocals, DJ on guitar, Scotty on bass and Mangan on drums. The band has always been looked on as an Oi! band but i would rather classify them as pure streetpunk and coming from a mecca for hardcore bands i am glad that they choosen their own sound. Lyrically they always reminded me of bands like The wretched ones, basicly real life songs about the working class man and a whole lot of socially aware yet un-political songs.

They released a 7-track demo that lead to their first real album in 2006 called Next stop, new scene after this they where supposed to release a split 7'' with Strongarm and the bullies but like most thing in the Oi!-scene that never happened. They instead recorded a split 7'' with Skels that was followed up by their second full-length called Time will tell (that also included their Hopelss EP released the year before). In 2009 they started recording some new songs and are today back doing an accoustic split CD with the Ol' cheeky bastards.

måndag 22 mars 2010

Boots with pride - Demo (2009)

01. El monte bootboys
02. Street war
03. Puto policia
04. Mala paga
05. Under the boot (Oxblood cover)
06. Steel toe boots with aggression
07. Bootparty
08. Working class struggle
09. Compatriotas

(Updated 27 April: The band does not consist of Mexican immigrants as i stated before. All members are US born. Something i still find hard to belive since the singer can hardly speak English. Oh and i uploaded the demo again.)

Oi! band from California with a bunch of very pissed off mexicans. The band has been around since 2007 and done some shows with Pressure point and Disorderly conduct among a few.
Being from the outside looking in i find it very wierd that there is a skinheadband with the American flag behind a pair of boots (as original as their name) and noone of the bandmembers are American born. I could probably pull of their lyrics with a better US accent then their singer. Almost every song by them uses the same bassline and rythm and add to it that they are fans of both Fear city and Pressure point and therefor they have just built themselfs a strong foundation for my hate and loathing.
All this aside they bring true battle oi! in a time when most so called Oi! bands have turned to streetrock or hardcore. One of their songs called Street war even made it on my I-pod and lets be real its a demo not a real release so if they ever get signed i hope to hear some better english vocabulary and more versatile songs. (and please remove my tattoo that i made in dedication to an old ska label from your bandlogo ;)

Oil! - Really skrewed up

01. We are on the dole
02. Viagra skinz
03. Skinhead fashion
04. Bovver beach
05. Ultra-violent fist
06. Lagers for me & me mates
07. Really skrewed up
08. Gimme a pint
09. Skinhead from outer space
10. Viking sunset
11. The glory of honour
12. Kill the punks

(Update 30 March 2012: Uploaded the album again)

From what i know this one was never released. Found it floating around i cyberspace like every one else i know did.

As you can judge from he cover and the album title they are now also poking fun at Skrewdriver. Actually the records strongest song called We are on the dole has stolen the intro straight of from their old song Voice of Britain.
More rock n roll this time around and less fingers pointed towards the US Oi!-scenes nationalism. Like this album a lot more and Skinheads from outer space, Ultra-violent fist and We are on the dole are all good punktracks if you can se the fun in them.

söndag 21 mars 2010

Oil! - The glory of the honor (2003)

01. Red, white & boots
02. Clockwork violence, leftwing silence
03. Shave for battle
04. I got bills to pay
05. Crucified hammerskin
06. 77 clockwork boot justice
07. On the streets
08. Spend my paycheck at the pub
09. Proud of my pride
10. Fuck you
11. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper song)
12. Oi! theme song
13. Under the boot (Oxblood cover)

Released by Ghetto rock in 2003.

Do you remember the Hard skins from UK that turned heads with their humoristic farse of the Oi! movement. Well this is the American version of that band. The band consists of members from such acts as Workin stiffs, The bodies, Trust fund babies and The radio reelers. Dont know if i should feel honored or pissed of when listening to it. There are very few subcultures that are as cliché as the Oi! movement and lets face it not much has happened since the first bands came out. Oil! are here making fun of this so called stagnant culture but they do it good.
The music is really enjoyable reminding me of Anti-heros in some songs and on many tracks it feels as a true attempt to make good Oi!. Workin stiffs and The bodies have for a long time been streetpunk "skinhead hangabouts" and done compilations with Templars and many others so i would like to see this more of a fun tribute to the culture then a spitt in the face (and add to that a great cover of Under the boot).
As for how the band started and other info no one has yet to this day been able to puch any decent info out of the members since they never take the interviews serious. The band was asked in an interview what being a bootboy ment to them and answered "Being a boy... and wearing a boot". Kind of hard writing their info on such interviews if you know what i mean.

Best track and the one that actually made me laugh is Oil! theme song claiming that their forefathers fought for the American pride before napoleon was king but adding at the end that they are skinheads so they cant cry over it (haha).

Not as great as the Pink Panzer project but thats not the point here.
This album is ment to make you laugh but what really makes me laugh is the streetpunk reviewers that gave this album top reviews but at the same time slagged of all real oi! as bad nationalistic neofacist crap.
Well newsflash you leatherwearin hipster sorry excuse for a 40 year old punk it sounds the fucking same! (well maybe not as good as the real deal)

lördag 20 mars 2010

Oi! comes to Delaware

Be there or be square (i wont be there though).

fredag 19 mars 2010

Some new songs from The traditional (recorded in 2009)

The traditionals - Violence in the city

The traditionals - Sold us down the river

Dave Harris sounds awesome on the vocals and if their upcomming album will be anything like Sold us down the river it's gonna be sick.

Lyrics for Protection by The traditionals

Cool dark night staring down face of blue/Celebrating victory the curse was through/Rally in the streets you know the time was right/Just to gather in this cold dark night

Boys in blue/Holes in her head/Rubber protection/And now shes dead X2

Temperature was rising and the feeling was hot/Boys in blue come and put a stop/Riot in the street and all i heard was shots/Shes lying on the ground and her heart has stopped

Boys in blue/Holes in her head/Rubber protection/And now shes dead X2

Lying on the pavement and her face was red/Blood on the street, wrong bloodshed/Riot on the street you know the screams have gone awry/To control the riot did someone have to die?

Boys in blue/Holes in her head/Rubber protection/And now shes dead X4

The traditionals - Generation of today (2008)

01. Propaganda games
02. Lost opportunities
03. Not gonna change
04. Out of time
05. Generation of today
06. Lets all get a beer
07. Spirit of Oi!
08. Retaliate
09. Lif of misery
10. Win some, lose some
11. We had a deal
12. Protection
13. Feel alright
14. End up in the pub
15. Running riot (Cock sparrer cover)

Released by Impact records in 2008.

Mainly being an album consisting of new versions of older songs this album brings some new and good tracks to the playlist. Even if the new tracks are not of the same standard as their older ones the new versions of Protectin and Win some lose some and Retaliate being the best ones.
After this release Faulkner left the band and Dave Harris took over the vocals, they are currently working on a new record to be released in late 2010 (lets hope so) and from what i have heard it looks really promising.

torsdag 18 mars 2010

The traditionals - The way it is, was and will be (2006)

01. Retaliate
02. Protection
03. Statistic
04. Material age
05. No choice
06. Take you out
07. Rise up again
08. Feel all right
09. Nostalgia
10. Spirit of Oi!
11. No more
12. Memories
13. Is it fair?

Released by Impact records in 2006.

In 2005 Rick left the band but was replaced by AJ Falcione (used to play in hardcore band Deliberate intent). Just before this album Craig left the band after 9 years of faithfull service but was replaced by Matt Janitor prior to the album being recorded.

This record have many great tracks but thanks to the awefull recording quality it never reaches its full potential, good thig is that the band would re-release most of the good tracks from this record in better quality on their "semi-new/semi-greatesthits" record called Generation of today. My favourite tracks on this album are Protection, Spirit of Oi!, Memories, Is it fair and No more (the last 3 where sadly enough not re-released on their next album).
Would have gotten a higher grade if it wasnt for the very minimalistic recording sound.

lördag 13 mars 2010

The traditionals - Dead society (2004)

01. We had a deal
02. Not the craze
03. Dead society
04. Steel town
05. Are you ready to fight?
06. End up in the pub
07. American story
08. We dont understand
09. The day the eagle bled
10. Gone tomorrow
11. Laughing in yourface
12. Ace of spades (Motörhead cover)

Released by Impact records in 2004.

After their 1999 release they where supposed to release a full release on GMM records but thanks to some inward trouble at the label that never happened. Before this album though they recorded a selfproduced and selfreleased 6-track EP called Steel town. The German label Impact records got ahold of it and gave them a deal for two records (would later become 3 albums). This record was released a year after Steel town EP but it contains all of those tracks.
Rob Faulkner is the new vocalist and it is here that the true Traditionals sound comes in. Rob used to play in a band called Booze & Broads but other then that he was all new to this task (though he sounds really experienced).
This records contains some real classics like Dead society, We dont understand & Are you ready to fight. This band also made a "post 9/11" (like many other bands active around this time) called The day the eagle bled. It is really patriotic and a bit off a war-anthem but unlike many other bands this is not warmongering just claiming justice for those dead and a questionmark to the people that first wanted the blood to flow but later waved the white flag when the bombs started to fall.
A great album that made me a fan of the group but please stay away from their Motörhead cover if you know whats good for you.

The traditionals - No choice (1999)

01. Better days
02. Blackjack
03. You're all politicians
04. Crossroads (intro)
05. Win some, lose some
06. Cream of the crop
07. Bastard cops
08. Searching
09. Wste of my time
10. No choice
11. Traditionals
12. Memories

Released by Superfly records in 1999.

The traditionals is one of those bands that really is their singer and to be honest i had never heard of the band until i got their 2004 album. Later finding this album i had to double-check the bandmembers to see if this really was the same band. Donovan Greenway did the vocals on this albumand i was used to hear Rob Faulkners voice (joined in 2001) but even so its a top album.
The band is traditional in both sound and views leaving no "their on our side" for any side of the fence just giving the scene what it needs... damn good music.
If you like catchy singalong choruses then Win some lose some and No choice will be your cup of tea. My personal favourite on the album is Memories a scene-anthem that fits perfect for a late drunken saturday evening at your friends place. You're all politicians is another one of my favourites, it hands out dummysmacks to the trendy liberal youth and dont worry this is not a band like Pressure point that started out with the middlefinger both left and right but later choose recordsales over traditional values.
A great and somewhat rare album i think many have missed. Dont be one of them.

The traditionals (introduction)

"From the ashes a phoenix will rise" and thats just what happened. Out of Pittsburghs first skinheadband The sussed came The traditionals to carry on the torch. With Dave Harris and his brother Joe starting the band in 1997 they are still going strong in 2010. Original members was the Harris brothers, Matt Massoco, Donovan Greenway and Craig Bolton. This lineup would change over the years but Dave and Joe never left the band.
In 2008 their vocalist Rob left the band but Dave that did the vocals in The sussed has taken up the mic again so lets see what the future brings. They are to release a new lp in late 2010/ early 2011.

torsdag 11 mars 2010

Brassic performing Time for change (live 2010)

Brassic playing one of their new songs in Brazil (cant wait for their first release). You can clearly hear the influences from Skrewdrivers Boots n Braces era on the intro.

Brassic playing Disorderly conduct (live)

A live performance by Brassic from their tour down to southern America. This one is from Brazil and the song is a cover of the old Arresting officers track. Fun thing that a band that has a hard time getting gigs at home cause they are "to proud" doesnt seem to have a problem getting gigs in southern/central America. Maybe a small indication that the US scene is going to the same PC-shithole as a lot of other countrys has lately. Big up to all skins in Brazil and shame shame to the west-coast (pointing finger in disapproval).

There has been some talk of lately that there will be a small dedication album to Arresting officers with some of todays top bands doing covers of their songs. Lets hope for it to happen and lets hope it turns out better then previous attempts.

måndag 8 mars 2010

The sussed - Sussed out (1995)

01. Toy soldiers
02. Spirit of Oi!
03. No escape
04. Working class reality
05. Everybody is listening now
06. Clockwork solution
07. Arms dalers
08. Rumors
09. Durango
10. FBI
11. A plastic generation
12. Anti-political
13. Somehow
14. No self respect
15. Authority figures
16. Do what's right
17. Pogo song
18. This is our town
19. The system
20. The sussed
21. Sirens and lights

Released by Sta-press records in 1995.

Formed in Pittsburgh back in 1992 and was what i know the first real skinhead band to play in that city. The bandmembers where Dave Harris, Joe Fertitta, Joe Huffman and Jack Robinson.
Being the first real skinband most recordlabels and gig promotors feared them and getting a chance to play their music was getting harder and harder everyday. They finally joined forces with Jeremy and Bohdan (was in bands like Vibram 94, Cut throat and now sings in Antagonizers) from United front and started the label Sta-press records (also released records by Patriot and First strike). The band always had a very British Oi! sound and was acctually quite big (underground), doing shows with many of the big punkbands and appearing on some of the most important compilation albums of that time line (the first Backsteets of American Oi! being one).
The band released a 7'' in 1994 and a demo a few months later but both those releases are featured on this release. They also recorded a LP in 1997 but the band split up before the record could be released (if someone is sitting on the masters of those recordings they know where they could send them).
Dave Harris went on to form the tody classic band The traditionals right after the breakup and even if the band re-united in 2003 i guess The sussed are nothing more then a memory today (a damn great memory though).

Tracks 1-5 are from their 1994 release No escape 7''.
Tracks 6-9 are from their 1994 demo
The rest of the tracks where all recorded in 1995.

The best songs on this album are the ones from their demo. These are a bit harder and Clockwork solution, Arms dealer and Rumors are some real classics in my book.
I wont go on about what tracks are what but let you download this gem and judge for yourself.

söndag 7 mars 2010

The incited - A call to arms (2008)

01. Take hold
02. The anthem of the incited
03. Johnny Robinson
04. Tribute
05. Lessons learned
06. Hard life
07. Armageddon
08. Call to arms
09. Philadelphia

Released by Dim records in 2008.

Band from Delaware that has been around since back in 1998 but still just released 2 albums (basicly just 1 since their first one is featured on their second release). The band consisted of Shaun Rieley on vocals and guitar, Dave Clark on guitar, Jeb Johnson on bass and Brandon Mullen on drums. They got their first release though the almighty Neck records in 2006 in form of a 5-track self-titled minicd (being together for 8 years one would think they could muster up atleast 10 songs). Two years after that they got a deal with Dim records and released this first full-length that consisted of their first album and 4 extra tracks (cheap bastards).
After the release Dave and Brandon left the band but the band is currently in re-grouping with a new drummer (but no lead guitarist).

Comming from the same hometown as Stormwatch i was expecting a bit harder sound but they lean more towards a streetpunk sound.
On some slower tracks (Hard life for instance) they sound a lot like Rancid (and that is in no way good) and on Johnny Robinson they sound like (or copy if you prefer that word) Dropkick Murphys (not possitive in my eyes either). All these bad influences aside they still manage to deliver atleast 2 good tracks (Tribute and Armageddon) but believe me if your into Oi! influenced streetpunk there are better bands out there waiting for your hardearned cash.

Patriot - Crime of the times 7'' (1992)

01. Crime of the times
02. American crew
03. Big mouth

Released by Sonic aggression in 1992.

First of all thanks to Sam Reich for sending me this record. Had been looking for it for a long time.
This was Patriots first real release after their demo from 1991 but damn what a release. Both Big mouth and Crime of the times where later released on their full-lengths but this was the first time i heard American crew on a proper non-live recording. A track like that makes the whole album and i was really happy hearing a "new" Patriot track after all these years (made me pick up their full-lengths again).
Same old happy yet aggressive sound (Eddie bastard is one of a kind).

lördag 6 mars 2010

Whats wrong with this fucking world? (Just ranting)

Some of my friends think im a new Travis Bickle (lead in Taxidriver) and i might be somewhat of a "white picketfencer". But come on who wouldnt want to live in a world where the buss stops could actually look like this. (Just ranting pay no mind)

fredag 5 mars 2010

Kevin "Oxblood" Geddes R.I.P.

It is now official Kevin Geddes the guitarist/drummer for Oxblood is passed away this monday 2010/03/01. He died from heart problems only 5 days from celebrating his 31 year birthday.
To young and to talented my thoughts go out to his friends and family.
If you live in US his wake will be on Tuesday March 9th. Tilghman Funeral Home, 38 north forklanding rd., Maple Shade, NJ 08052.

Kevin Geddes 3/6/79 - 3/1/10

torsdag 4 mars 2010

Bleach battalion - Loud, proud and drunk as fuck MCD (2010)

01. Beer run
02. On sunday
03. Skinhead uprising
04. Her name is America
05. Drunk on New Years eve

Selfreleased in 2010.

This one i brand new and was featured on their Last Fm site as a free internet EP.
A bit better sound this time and out of he 5 tracks there is atleast 3 good ones. Beer run and Skinhead uprising are both good punk tracks and Her name is America is a slow reggae track with a very patriotic message. Its free, good and uplifting, cant get no better then that.
I will upload their other records as well but as always i will give them some time to get sold out before i jump in and ruin some poor artists livelihood.

Bleach battalion - Model citizens Demo CD (2008)

01. Self defence
02. Pride and tradition
03. Riot city
04. In trouble
05. Rampage
06. Unapproachable

Selfreleased demo from 2008.

Not the greatest quality on the recordings but damn its a demo so it shouldnt be.
I was surprised when i bought this one. I was expecting a Oi!-core recording where i couldnt hear what they where singing. Instead i found a whole new group with a damn devoted soul leading the battalion. Natassja is on this demo the singer, bassplayer, guitarist and is only helped out by Kyle O on backup vocals and drums (though in the future she would even do the drums).
This is not only Oi! they also deliver a great ska-track (no not the new-tone American crap but actually real ska) on In trouble. Not a big fan of the first 3 songs but both Rampage and Unaproachable are damn good Oi! tracks (and it would only get better from here).

Interview with Natassja from Bleach battalion

Last year i bought a whole bunch of of cd's and lp's from Pure Impact records and found a demo for sale by an American band i had never heard of before. The bands name was Bleach battalion, a female fronted band playing raw, basic and classic Oi!. Searched around and finally got in contact with the singer Natassja. Being a good sport she accepted to do an interview for the greatest site since google.

Hi Natassja. First off all thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Could you please tell me a bit about yourself and the band.

Oi! there. Thanks for the interview. First off, "myself" is pretty much the same thing as "the band" as far as writing and recording goes. I write the music & lyrics, sing, and play all the instruments on all of the recordings except for the demo Model Citizens which had Kyle on drums and my best friend Jaye on bass on a couple tracks. I occasionally have friends come in to help do backup/gang vocals when needed.
Right now for Live Shows, I just play guitar and sing, and I have a rhythm section of Jim on drums and Adam on bass/rhythm guitar. I also have a couple of East Coast stand-ins on-call for live bass: Ryan in Long Island and Steve in NYC. Bassists seem to be hard to hold onto so I got a few backups.

From what i understand you have been in other bands prior to Bleach Battalion. Tell us about them.

Yes, I have done many bands in several styles/genres from my own solo work doing reggae/ska (under the name Natassja Noctis), to Americana/rockabilly music with a band called Gravemist.
As far as Oi! / punk stuff I played guitar in the skinhead hardcorepunk band Skullkrusher (who released several tapes and CDs and one 7" record) and the skinhead Oi! band Wardogs back in the 1990s (ex-Deadscene members who only had one release but mainly was a live band).
I guess I officially started my "Oi! career" back in 1996 with a band called Drunken Catholics who did one demo and a barrage of local shows.

Whats the Bleach battalion discography so far?

Thus far we have released:
2008: Model Citizens Demo/EPCD
2009: Knuckle Girls MaxiSingle CD (out of print), Never Fall CDEP
2010: Loud, Proud and Drunk as Fuck! DigiEP, The Kicker CDLP
To order the albums that are currently available in CD form,

Releasing and recording the records by yourself is an easy way to get your band out there. Would you like to have a record deal or do you prefer it without the middle hand?

It's not as easy as it may seem sometimes to go "DIY", because some people like to play "competition", even in underground scenes, by talking shit (online and off), spreading rumours, etc, which is hard to combat alone. However, I think once people actually listen to the songs it clears up most any "political" rumours.
I would certainly welcome a record deal as long as it was fair and allowed for me to maintain creative control, no censoring, no ripoffs, etc.

The band has gone through many lineup changes and at many times left you as a onewoman band. I can guess being a musical lonewolf gives you creative freedom. Am i right?

Yes, it actually works better for me that way. In the past, working with so many "alpha" personalities usually created an atmosphere where nothing got done, no proper promotion, no good recordings, and so on. Only one person, Jaye (Gravemist), has ever been actually very cool to work with honestly, everyone else had these huge rockstar egos or attitude problems. Keeping it where I can have players who just show up for the fun of the show because they like what I have already set up as the Bleach Battalion archetype is better than trying to meld several minds into working on one consistent creative "idea".

How did you get in contact with Peter from Pure Impact records?

Online. I found a banner to his site on some Oi! site (which i don't remember), and just emailed to ask if he wanted any copies of our demo which was out at the time. The same demo is available in the USA from Angry, Young and Poor but I wanted a European distro to carry it too, so shipping costs wouldnt be so high for supporters overseas.

Many bands are today turning to street-punk, hardcore and rock so its nice to see a band like yours playing classic Oi!. What bands have influenced your sound the most?

Oh the big question! I will try to keep it brief and mainly list just the bands which have had a major direct infleunce on our sound/style, or else it would be very long as I am influnced by Oi, Punk, Street Rock, Sharpie Rock, Old School Heavy Metal and more! Let's see: Deadscene, The Clash, Sex Pistols, Combat 84, The Wretched Ones, the 4 Skins, Lager Lads, Squiggy, the Infiltrators, Motorhead, Sex Pistols, Ramones, The Last Resort, Stars and Stripes, Condemned 84, Slaughter and the Dogs, AC/DC, Slade, Wayne/Jayne County, Symarip, early Skrewdriver, Buzzcocks, Toughskins, The Coloured Balls, Black Flag, Cockney Rejects, Angelic Upstarts, Attak, the Meteors, the Jam, Gehennah (Swe), Vanilla Muffins, Anti-Heros, the Oppressed, Niblick Henbane, Peter And The Test Tube Babies, The Damned, Infa-Riot, Girlschool, Chaos UK, Cock Sparrer, the Exploited, Wendy O Williams / Plasmatics, AntiSocial, Sham 69...ok too many to list.
How about I just say any good catchy, anthemic, drinking, yelling and fighting type music as long as it doesn't get too deeply political.

Being a woman of colour and a skinhead my guess is you get to see a lot of ignorance from both outside and inside the "scene".

Yeah, I get allsorts of weirdos both in support of and against me, esp. since I am also queer and Jewish....and a civic Nationalist as well.
I get Nazis AND Commies harassing me, minorities who think I'm supposed to be busy ridding the world of all racism instead of making music, homophobes who think who they fuck makes them a skinhead (and thus me- 'not a skinhead'), left-wing nutcases who think I'm part of some supposed 'Zionist conspiracy' to rule the world, PC assholes who think I'm an 'extreme right-wing skinhead' because I am somewhat openly conservative, but mainly the leftist Anti-American / Islamist harrassment has become the norm nowadays. Islamists are inherently VERY sexist, anti-American and Jew-hating so they tend to send many rude emails and messages.

With a war going on and a new president in the whitehouse what should be his top priority for America today?

To me, and many Americans (esp. the Jewish ones), the war on terror is of the utmost importance, but this President seems to see healthcare and other issues as taking priority. He's made the whole USA basically as vehemently divided as Chicago (where Obama and I are both from). I don't hate the guy, but I just hope we get someone with more experience next election who isn't so divisive. I do dislike the Chicago area and what the corrupt Democratic machine politics have done to make it so shitty here, and I don't want the whole country to go this way.
I've checked out to the Tea Parties, Conservative Happy Hours, all that stuff, none of which impressed me too much-There's always either too much religious focus or else too much anarchism disguised as 'libertarianism'. Who knows? Like I say in the song "No Answer", I think there is no real one "answer" to all of our problems, just a bunch of politicos fighting for their jobs more than the issues. Maybe soon our country will look like Greece and have riots every season, that is, if that little Hitler in Iran doesn't nuke the whole planet first.

What do you know about Sweden?

Sorry if I'm not too informed on the nowadays scene there, but I did do a book report on Sweden back when I was in highschool! I know that Sweden has 4 official languages, and that Stockholm is a city set apart on 4 islands and that cardamom is a common spice in the traditional food. I know that in 1943 neutral Sweden received roughly 8,000 Jewish refugees from the Nazi-occupied Denmark. Same-sex marriages in Sweden have been officially recognized since May 2009, and in the USA, the wacko Westboro Baptist Church preaches against Swedes as being basically spawned of the devil (see: www.godhatessweden.com) (and we hate him//Bernando)
I also hear that many unusual and kinky sex-products come from there, perhaps thats where the Westboro Baptists got their idea?
I know that bands there can somehow get money from the government of Sweden and that many crust and heavy hardcore type bands use state checks to put out their supposedly "DIY Anarchist" records. I have heard of some Oi! and streepunk from there, Perkele, The Righteous, The Contemptuous, Agent Bulldogg, etc.

Any last words? Upcomming releases, shoutouts, disses, upcomming gigs? The word is free so link away.

On Bleach Battalion plans:
We are focusing on shows / a possible tour right now (spring 2010), but there will be new music released eventually.
We are actually in a contest right now to get onto the Warped Tour, and I hope we get on it as I have no qualms about it being so-called "mainstream".
So, please VOTE for BLEACH BATTALION to play this year's Warped Tour!
Vote here http://www.battleofthebands.com/bleachbattalion - Pass the word and the link. You can vote once a day, so please vote everyday!
If you are a band and vote for us and we will vote for you too! Let's get some Oi! up there representing to today's youth!
If we don't win, at least a bunch of young people on that site will know what skinheads are after checking us out.

If it wasn't for bands like The Clash and the Sex Pistols , there would be no Oi!, and those bands didn't get their idea out by playing elitist "scene" gigs only to people who looked just like them. They went out to normal venues, pissed off the normals and influenced an entire generation to look beyond what the mainstream usually offers to the youth- and that's what we plan to do.

Early Oi! and skinhead was shown on regular TV in the UK, even if sensationalized, but we've never had anything like that in the USA.
Everything here is either so politicized or else so far undergound here that its become a clique with only people who are in the 'in-crowd' being privvy to the culture. What you end up with is ska and punk fans (and random racists) becoming half-assed, badly dressed, chav-type 'skinheads' who don't know better because no one here is sharing the info with the general public. It's like some secret society, and I feel that should stop. No one "runs" the skinhead scene, and certain groups/gangs/people should stop acting like they do.
The American working class isn't just made up of 'in-the-know' people who know how to mailorder specialty limited-edition vinyl from Europe, and I think Oi! music is for the entire working class, not just people who are already skinheads. This viewpoint will not be very popular with some of the "more aggro-than-thou" gang-focused meatheads who think skinhead is some kind of secret fight club, or with Commies or Nazis who think skinhead's about some kind isolationist political 'revolution', but if I start to care what those people think, I may as well wash my face in the toilet.

Finally, I want to say Thanks for the interview and for buying our demo! I / we appreciate support!
Like our song tells, We are 'Neither Red Nor Racist', and that means both of those sides want us dead, but you can't kill true skinhead, it will never die, even when numbers dwindle--Carry on Oi!

onsdag 3 mars 2010

Various artists - Better scene than heard (1998)

01. Heidnik stew - Hub city
02. Urban riot - Urban riot
03. Half nelson - Unchanged
04. The truents - You
05. Awkward thought - Cop song
06. Red, white and blue - Oi! skinhead
07. The slags - Nuisance
08. Chew pamela - Walk on by
09. The unruly - In your face
10. No contest - Our screams
11. The recruited - Patriarchy
12. Hudson falcons - Revolution
13. Step2far - Step 2 far
14. Urban riot - On the streets
15. Half nelson - Eleven eleven
16. Trespast - Just a pig
17. The mart!ans - Im not a nazi
18. Red, white and blue - You cant get us down
19. The slags - Scape goat
20. Disgruntled - You're full of shit
21. Abalienation - 88 hate
22. No contest - What you've become
23. The recruited - Useless taxes
24. Unemployed - Little girl

Released by Trailer park records in 1998.

(Updated 21 April 2012: Uploaded the album again and added full coverscans)

A surprisingly good compilation that came out of nowhere. Had never heard of this record label until this release. Its a compilation of Oi! and punk bands from New York and New Jersey but most of all a compilation of bands on very different sides on the political scales (this is just how it should be). A good mix of musical style all from the typical screaming crustbands to straight patriotic oi! all mixed and united on the same record (almoust makes a tear drip down from this old and hardened face hehe). Some of these groups that somewhat fit into the page i will make a discography of in a near future and some i wont (either they are to crappy or to crusty but for me thats the same thing).

Best on the release are 3 of my favourite Oi! bands, namely Red, white and blue, The unruly and Urban riot. The first surprise of the album came with a NJ band called The recruited that i have never heard of before or after this release. They deliver 2 great Oi! tracks that might be lacking in production and studio value but its punk so what did you expect. (If anyone knows any info about this band please send me a mail or comment.)
Awkward thought delivers one of my favourite tracks the Cop song that would later be released on their excellent 2000 album Mayday.

My second surprise was the poppunk band Chew pamela that delivers a melodic song in "american pie punk" (what we in Sweden would call trallpunk). This is a genre i often hate but Chew pamela actually pulls it off great mostly thanks to a great singer.

An album filled with great songs by bands that really should have gotten a shot back in the 90's (take the Mart!ans for example) and some that never really should have left the studio with any recording (Disgruntled for example).
Fuck underground scenists all about keeping it rare and underground no matter what the album title might say some of these groups should have been heard (the pop oriented once atleast).

Heidnik stew - Compilation songs

01. One and the same
02. Dangerous visions (Exploited cover)
03. Love thy neighbour

These tracks where released on different compilations but never on a proper group release.

One and the same was featured on a New Jersey underground comp called The right to assemle Vol.2. This track is probably their most Oi! sounding track and also my favourite one. It takes up the old unity issue between punks, skins and hardcore kids.

Dangerous visions is from an dedication album to The Exploited called Troops of tomorrow that was released in 1999. Not as good as the original but close.

Love thy neighbour is taken from the awesome 1999 compilation called The east coast of Oi! that also featured such groups as Wretched ones, Terminus city, Squiggy and Disorderly conduct. Good track.
Funny thing is that all these 3 tracks are better then most of the tracks featured on their official releases.
They also had a song called Hub city on Better scene than heard compilation in 1998 but i will upload that comp next so keep your pants on.

Heidnik stew - Trials and tribulations 7'' (1998)

01. The story of Frank V.
02. Endless cycle
03. Generation X
04. S.W.A.T.

Released by Headache records in 1998.

(Sorry for the low quality on the songs. I am currently trying to muster out the last potential in my aweful and old record-player. Even if my upload is in low quality it hasnt been ripped by any other site so love it or leave it.)

Second and last release by these angry hardcore skins.
First song is about some guy named Frank V that the bands seems to have a personal vendetta against. The poor sod is the target for such lyrics as "You call yourself my friend but support was never shown/You turned you back on me as if i was someone you hadn't known/On the run and hiding out". Dont know what all that fuss is about but Franky sounds like a backstabber to me.
Endless cycle is about the working mans situation and the problems it bring while Generation X hands is a 80 second bitchslaps against the straight edge movement with lyrics like "Ive got no time for your PC rethoric/It makes no sense to me i just cant relate to it/You talk about animal rights and their plight/But ive got better things to worry about and fight".
The last one is the track that stands out the most and is about a very un-hardcore subject, namely love. S.W.A.T. stands for "sealed with a tear" and is about broken hearts and its funny to hear such emotional lyrics by an uber-fast OI!-core group.
Not bad but in no way great.

Heidnik stew - Seller of horrors 7'' (1997)

01. Desperate times
02. Oi! boy
03. Stress
04. Ignorance

Released by Exit 9 records in 1997.

A mythical and unknown Oi!-core band from the middle of New Jersey that remindes me about the fellow NJ Oi!-core band Squiggy.
The band consisted of Junior on vocals, Bill on bass, Mark on drums and Bone on guitar.
They only released two 7'' but appeared on several compilation albums like The east coast of Oi!, The right to assemble vol.2, Oi! skampilation Vol. 3 and then in 1999 they appeared on a Tribute to the exploited compilation. Have no idea where they went after that and no release they have made or any webb-site can give me that information.

This release is pure angry Oi!-core and even if Desperate times has a wierd metal sounding chorus they follow that mold the whole record through.
Not my favourite type of music but its allright and i really like the vocals.

Many thanks to Vinylfroinde for sending me this record. I bought their second 7'' but could never get my hands on this one.

måndag 1 mars 2010

Youthful offenders - Bloodshed Demo (1997)

01. Aggro
02. Working class slob
03. Your rights
04. United skins
05. Youthful offender

Self-released demotape through their Underpants records.

Released 2 years before their full-length by Vulture rock records. All these tracks where on their later record but its always fun to hear early demo versions so what the heck. The tracks are what you can expect from a demo and in no way as good as the later versions. A bit harder and more Oi!core sounding then the ones on the record but other then that its the same.
This was originally uploaded by Matt from Jukebox for the unstable so give respect where respect is due.