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torsdag 4 mars 2010

Bleach battalion - Model citizens Demo CD (2008)

01. Self defence
02. Pride and tradition
03. Riot city
04. In trouble
05. Rampage
06. Unapproachable

Selfreleased demo from 2008.

Not the greatest quality on the recordings but damn its a demo so it shouldnt be.
I was surprised when i bought this one. I was expecting a Oi!-core recording where i couldnt hear what they where singing. Instead i found a whole new group with a damn devoted soul leading the battalion. Natassja is on this demo the singer, bassplayer, guitarist and is only helped out by Kyle O on backup vocals and drums (though in the future she would even do the drums).
This is not only Oi! they also deliver a great ska-track (no not the new-tone American crap but actually real ska) on In trouble. Not a big fan of the first 3 songs but both Rampage and Unaproachable are damn good Oi! tracks (and it would only get better from here).

4 kommentarer:

  1. thanks for the support

  2. could this one be re-upped

    1. Sorry but no. Me and the band are far from good friends these days.