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tisdag 30 mars 2010

Stiff middle finger - Neck demo (2005)

01. Stiff middle finger
02. Six days
03. Sabotage
04. Crutches and coffins
05. Nickel beers
06. Riot
07. Die on your feet (outro)

Released with the help of Neck records in 2005.

A three-piece band consisting of members from Delaware and Philadelphia playing fast and aggessive punk with an attitude fitting their band name. I first heard this band on the Neck records compilation called Oi! dont pay the bills from 2008. The band totally blew me away on that record so i was a bit let down when i heard their only release other from those songs wasnt with the same rock n roll feeling that they had in 2008. Its in no way bad and if you are a fan of Squiggy's early stuff you will love these guys (and girl). The songs are short (most ending around 1:00) and the last 2 tracks are more crusty then Oi!. Their song Six days about the despair of the workingmans life is the best track on the demo and has a great 77/oi! feeling to it.
Even if i do like their later sound better this album is a rare little gem (comming from a scene in Delaware that i thought was dead haha).

The band is currently looking for a drummer but as far as i know they are still active today.
Much respect to Neck records for sending me his demo (and a bunch of other great records) and actually contributing something without dollarsigns in their eyes.

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