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tisdag 23 mars 2010

Armed suspect (introduction)

Band from New york that was started back in 2004 by Jay on vocals, DJ on guitar, Scotty on bass and Mangan on drums. The band has always been looked on as an Oi! band but i would rather classify them as pure streetpunk and coming from a mecca for hardcore bands i am glad that they choosen their own sound. Lyrically they always reminded me of bands like The wretched ones, basicly real life songs about the working class man and a whole lot of socially aware yet un-political songs.

They released a 7-track demo that lead to their first real album in 2006 called Next stop, new scene after this they where supposed to release a split 7'' with Strongarm and the bullies but like most thing in the Oi!-scene that never happened. They instead recorded a split 7'' with Skels that was followed up by their second full-length called Time will tell (that also included their Hopelss EP released the year before). In 2009 they started recording some new songs and are today back doing an accoustic split CD with the Ol' cheeky bastards.

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