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söndag 21 mars 2010

Oil! - The glory of the honor (2003)

01. Red, white & boots
02. Clockwork violence, leftwing silence
03. Shave for battle
04. I got bills to pay
05. Crucified hammerskin
06. 77 clockwork boot justice
07. On the streets
08. Spend my paycheck at the pub
09. Proud of my pride
10. Fuck you
11. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper song)
12. Oi! theme song
13. Under the boot (Oxblood cover)

Released by Ghetto rock in 2003.

Do you remember the Hard skins from UK that turned heads with their humoristic farse of the Oi! movement. Well this is the American version of that band. The band consists of members from such acts as Workin stiffs, The bodies, Trust fund babies and The radio reelers. Dont know if i should feel honored or pissed of when listening to it. There are very few subcultures that are as cliché as the Oi! movement and lets face it not much has happened since the first bands came out. Oil! are here making fun of this so called stagnant culture but they do it good.
The music is really enjoyable reminding me of Anti-heros in some songs and on many tracks it feels as a true attempt to make good Oi!. Workin stiffs and The bodies have for a long time been streetpunk "skinhead hangabouts" and done compilations with Templars and many others so i would like to see this more of a fun tribute to the culture then a spitt in the face (and add to that a great cover of Under the boot).
As for how the band started and other info no one has yet to this day been able to puch any decent info out of the members since they never take the interviews serious. The band was asked in an interview what being a bootboy ment to them and answered "Being a boy... and wearing a boot". Kind of hard writing their info on such interviews if you know what i mean.

Best track and the one that actually made me laugh is Oil! theme song claiming that their forefathers fought for the American pride before napoleon was king but adding at the end that they are skinheads so they cant cry over it (haha).

Not as great as the Pink Panzer project but thats not the point here.
This album is ment to make you laugh but what really makes me laugh is the streetpunk reviewers that gave this album top reviews but at the same time slagged of all real oi! as bad nationalistic neofacist crap.
Well newsflash you leatherwearin hipster sorry excuse for a 40 year old punk it sounds the fucking same! (well maybe not as good as the real deal)

6 kommentarer:

  1. the link does not seem to work. I would really like to hear this. By the way , thanks for pink panzer!

  2. The glory of honour kinda rocks. Have you heard Really Skrewed Up? It's even more ridiculous.

  3. The link works fine. You just simply have to wait about an hour after the upload for it to work (stupid i know but what the hell its free).
    If anyone else has any problems with it then tell me so and ill try it again.

    Hehe yeah i actually like that record more then this one.

  4. Find band Criminal Damage ( ft members Tragedy )



    u will supraise how is awesome band.
    cheers and thx for Squiggy

  5. Thanks for the tip anonymous.
    Have 2 of their albums. Their 2007 album and their selftitled one. Do you know if they have anything else released? A 7'' or a split perhaps

  6. Wait...you mean Hard Skin isn't real?! ;)