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onsdag 3 mars 2010

Heidnik stew - Seller of horrors 7'' (1997)

01. Desperate times
02. Oi! boy
03. Stress
04. Ignorance

Released by Exit 9 records in 1997.

A mythical and unknown Oi!-core band from the middle of New Jersey that remindes me about the fellow NJ Oi!-core band Squiggy.
The band consisted of Junior on vocals, Bill on bass, Mark on drums and Bone on guitar.
They only released two 7'' but appeared on several compilation albums like The east coast of Oi!, The right to assemble vol.2, Oi! skampilation Vol. 3 and then in 1999 they appeared on a Tribute to the exploited compilation. Have no idea where they went after that and no release they have made or any webb-site can give me that information.

This release is pure angry Oi!-core and even if Desperate times has a wierd metal sounding chorus they follow that mold the whole record through.
Not my favourite type of music but its allright and i really like the vocals.

Many thanks to Vinylfroinde for sending me this record. I bought their second 7'' but could never get my hands on this one.

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