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lördag 13 mars 2010

The traditionals - Dead society (2004)

01. We had a deal
02. Not the craze
03. Dead society
04. Steel town
05. Are you ready to fight?
06. End up in the pub
07. American story
08. We dont understand
09. The day the eagle bled
10. Gone tomorrow
11. Laughing in yourface
12. Ace of spades (Motörhead cover)

Released by Impact records in 2004.

After their 1999 release they where supposed to release a full release on GMM records but thanks to some inward trouble at the label that never happened. Before this album though they recorded a selfproduced and selfreleased 6-track EP called Steel town. The German label Impact records got ahold of it and gave them a deal for two records (would later become 3 albums). This record was released a year after Steel town EP but it contains all of those tracks.
Rob Faulkner is the new vocalist and it is here that the true Traditionals sound comes in. Rob used to play in a band called Booze & Broads but other then that he was all new to this task (though he sounds really experienced).
This records contains some real classics like Dead society, We dont understand & Are you ready to fight. This band also made a "post 9/11" (like many other bands active around this time) called The day the eagle bled. It is really patriotic and a bit off a war-anthem but unlike many other bands this is not warmongering just claiming justice for those dead and a questionmark to the people that first wanted the blood to flow but later waved the white flag when the bombs started to fall.
A great album that made me a fan of the group but please stay away from their Motörhead cover if you know whats good for you.

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