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onsdag 24 mars 2010

Armed suspects - Next stop, new scene (2006)

01. Intro
02. Your freedom
03. Bootle of whiskey
04. Poseurs
05. The answer
06. 20 years old
07. Giving up
08. Next stop, new scene
09. O'farrels
10. Back on track
11. Through hard times
12. Big mouths & handcuffs
13. Be a man
14. Pride
15. Punx have hair (skinheads dont)

Selfreleased in 2006

This is not by far any of my favourite bands even if they are more musically advanced then most i like. It seems that they ae concentrating to much on making hitsongs and sometimes they hit but most songs are big fails. I can hear how great they can be on pure streetpunk tracks like Poseurs and O'farrels but its when they take it up a notch and increase the tempo where they loose me. Most tracks on this album just melt into some sort of guitarsolo crossed with irish mumbling and that might be what msot people prefer over brickwall oi! but not me.

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