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torsdag 28 april 2011

Phoenix city muggers - Selftitled CD (2007)

01. Dirty old man
02. That's a lie (I said so)
03. Too good to be true
04. Media circus
05. Ship sailed in
06. The stand
07. Corporate America
08. Haunted
09. Fight fuckin' hard
10. Times of my life
11. Cowardly thugs
12. Magnum maid

Released by 8-Piece Records in 2007.

A shortlived Arizona band started by Mike from Fatskins with Kris and Sam on guitar, Eric on bass and Leif (Swede perhaps?) on drums. This was their only release and even if the sound is simulair to Fatskins because Mike is on vocals with his distinct (in a bad way if you ask me) way of delivering the lyrics it is now more of a drunk'n'roll band in their sound than a pure Oi! band.

I bought this album some time ago but sold it like a week later for less than a dollar on Ebay. With that info you can guess where this review is going.
Mike still sound the way he sounds and i know it seems as if i am bashing the guy but thats not how it is. I dont hate him just the fact that he refuses to change his way of singing (i know a lot of people like it but i dont so go start your own site if my views dont fit you). The song Ship sailed in is proof of him actually being able to sing good. Its a track that somewhat reminds me about bands like Loose skrews and its a really good song. Dont know why he insists on sounding like a retard on the rest of the record though?
The record is still available for purchase through these sites so if YOU like it then buy it:
Pure Impact
CD baby

måndag 25 april 2011

Last laugh - Memories not forgotten CD (2006)

01. What's now gone
02. Another sip
03. Battlecry
04. A fake's night out
05. Self control
06. Arizona
07. United front
08. Bold
09. Hooligan army
10. Strength to go on
11. We're the one's

Released by American Defence Records in 2006.

Since i really liked their split from 2004 i was expecting more from their full-length but it's not bad or anything. Sounds a bit thrown together in the last minute thats all.
Most songs on the record are below average but i still think that when they get the sound right they sound brutal and tighter than most other bands like on the tracks Bold and We're the one's.
Not a great album but atleast they stick out and deliver a couple of good tunes. In 2008 the band reformed as Blue collar criminals so if you like this sound then check them out.
Can still be bought from:
Pure impact

fredag 22 april 2011

Bretton Knight memorial fund.

Taken from TKO Records today:
"We are deeply saddened today to learn of the passing of Bretton Knight, son of Chet Knight of A.P.A. and the Templars. We urge all friends of Chet and fans of his music to donate to the Bretton Knight Memorial Fund to help Chet and his family at this tragic time:"


My condolences goes out to Chet and his family.

torsdag 21 april 2011

Fatskins & Last laugh - Welcome to Arizona CD (2004)

01. Fatskins - Bitter
02. Fatskins - Bright future
03. Fatskins - Johnny on the spot
04. Fatskins - Never admit defeat
05. Fatskins - Tomorrow never comes
06. Fatskins - Mr. Nobody (Major accident cover)
07. Fatskins - Male model (The undertones cover)
08. Last laugh - Lying numb
09. Last laugh - Living
10. Last laugh - Self control
11. Last laugh - Caught in the middle
12. Last laugh - Hooligan army
13. Last laugh - One blackened new year
14. Last laugh - Teenage kicks (The undertones cover)
15. Last laugh - Strength to go on

Released by Step-1 Music in 2004.

The last release by Fatskins but more intresting the first release by Last laugh. They are yet another band from Arizona with the extremly distinct vocalist Mike (who would later start the band Blue collar criminals with the guitarist from this band).

As always Fatskins are ok but nothing more serving 2 good tracks in Bitter and Never admit defeat (ok that last one is actually really really good).

Last laugh is a band i really liked and i must say i was quite dissapointed when i heard Blue collar criminals that ranged more into speady punkrock than the strict Oi! they played here. Mike has such a powerful and brutal voice and i think turning up the tempo and adding a heavier sound to match his voice was a mistake.
They start of their "side" of the CD with the song Lying numb that might not be anything fantastic but i cant get past the fantastic way Mike delivers the lyrics after going through the first part of the split listening to Mike from Fatskins painful delivery.
Most of thhe songs LL contributes has very high quality but the best one is probably Strength to go on (oh and not to forget the awesome cover of Teenage kicks).
First part not so good but LL picks it all up and fixes it in the end.

onsdag 20 april 2011

Fatskins - Thinkin' like a fatskin CD (1999)

01. Fatskin hooligan
02. Thats my life
03. 3 years on
04. Good to go
05. Smash 'em
06. Old glory
07. American skins
08. Trust
09. Skinheads and punks
10. Never look back
11. Up with the cock (Judge Dread cover)
12. Thinkin' like a fatskin

Released by Step-1 Music in 1999.

Great album cover and all but still i can't see whats so fantastic about this band. Their lyrics are still childish at most (with some exeptions like the song Trust), and Mike still sings the songs adding that "extra thing" in the end of every verse. I dont know who told him this was a great idea and why he does it. Is it to put a personal touch on their sound or an attempt to sound more melodic? To me it just sounds stupid and annoying.

Enough trashtalking about the band (i dont mean no harm just being honest) since i actually enjoy a couple of the songs on the cd.
Smash 'em is a good antifacist song with a great chorus sadly falls short thanks to stupid lyrics like "sex and booze thats what we live for/you talked some shit so we kicked down the door". Lyrics dont have to rhyme to be good and nursery rhymes can NEVER be good.
Both American skins and Old glory are two good patriotic songs but best of all songs is is Trust. A truly great song that raises the all over grade by one point.

tisdag 19 april 2011

Fatskins & The oppressed - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Fatskins - Born at the bottom
02. Fatskins - Fencewalker
03. The oppressed - AFA song
04. The oppressed - Do anything you wanna do

Released by 90 Proof Records in 1998.

Fatskins is a band that i have been putting to the side for some time now mainly because i have been trying to understand their greatness. If you ask many people from Europe to name some American Oi! bands you can be sure that this band will come up in the same breath as great bands like Templars or Patriot. I have still not understood what everyone sees in them but my guess on why they got such wide distribution is the comfortable political stance against facism or anyone that simply dont share their and the rest of the worlds views on modern politics.

Anyway the band originated from Arizona and consisted of Mike on vocals, Clint on drums, Tom on bass and Wynn on guitar. They released their first records through 90 Proof Records in 1998 in the form of this split and another one with Patriot (that i uploaded some time ago). They also released a full-length the year after and then in 2004 a split 12'' with their fellow Arizona friends Last laugh.
My main problem with the band is their singer and the way he delivers the lyrics (my girl laughs out loud everytime i put on one of their songs). In the late '00s Mike formed another group called Phoenix City Muggers and sadly enough he brought along his old way of singing also to that band.

The oppressed is one of my favourite bands from UK even if they pulled somewhat of a Skrewdriver on us all when they put politics first and music second in their comeback. They deliver the better half of this split and even if i have some issues with their tribute song to the AFA and ARA it is the musically best song on the EP. I have no idea how groups like AFA could get so much acceptance within the skinhead movement lately i mean just take a look at what they did in Germany. Over there it is no longer about shutting out fascist bands no more. Skinfull that is in no way a fascist band got blacklisted cause they had played some gigs with Les Vilains (much respect to Skinfull for telling the promotors to go fuck themselfs).
Since when did the skinhead scene roll over and get ass raped by a bunch of smelly swamptrolls in the first place. Even if the scene still has a bit of problems with extremism in the rightwing i dont see a whole lot of bands except the already condemned RAC bands taking a stand against this new leftwinged fascism and 70% of them got their asses full of brownshirt dicks anyway.

Ok there is a whole lot of talk about about politics and ass raping in this record review but sometime is just feel like i have to went and since i am not an educated man it often ends up in ass raping debates.

On with the review. Fatskins sound like they often do and its ok at most but also here i have some issues with the politics in one of the songs, namely the track Fencewalker (oh no here comes the ass raping discussion again). I respect anyones decision to stand up against what they think is wrong but when they go after the people that have understood that ass raping is nothing for them it goes to far.
They attack the nonpolitical part of the scene by telling them that being a skinhead without mixing in politics is worthless and that a true skinhead carries their banners. So if a skinhead wants nothing to do with politics they are a sad joke and if they carry the wrong banners they are boneheads? Ignorant and sad.

lördag 16 april 2011

Know your enemy E002

With some problems sleepin yesterday i set out to do one of the most dedicated things in a long time, namely translating a whole article from Swedish into English. This newspaper clipin' is from way back in 1982 and is about some of the first skinheads in Sweden. Like they still do today the media somewhat demoniced the whole group but i must say that i think these kid's thugs or not seem a whole lot more honest and true than most baldheads today. I will post the original clipin's first and then end it with the translated text.

The front cover of "Aftonbladet Ung" has the legendary skinhead called Tommy aka "Mongo" posing.
The text under the photo reads "A real skinhead should look like Mongo with his big boots, crooped hair and rolled up jeans with braces"
The photos on this page is of "Lasse Skåning" that also gets interviewed in the text.
The text under this photo reads "Lasse and Johnny demonstrates the dance of skinheads called The moon stomp where they jump around and kick each others boots with to rhytmic ska music.

Swedens most feared youth-group SKINHEADS.

Another evening in Stockholm:
A 24 yearold gets assaulted with a beercan containing cement. He was robbed for a beer.
Same night a 16 year old boy gets assaulted. The attackers loot... 35 kroners.
In both cases the perpetrators where skinheads. A new and feared youth-group in Sweden.
Kristian Petri, that followed one of these groups for a couple of months tell us what is hidden inside their short cropped heads.

The first time i met skinheads was when i was shooting a documentary about the punkband Incest Brothers. I needed various youthgroups for the film and met a couple of skinheads in Stockholm on a Sunday afternoon. They stood and compared billyclubs with a group of cops.
I asked them if they where the one's that had trashed Cioz (a punkshop).
-No, no, that wasnt us. It was commie punks, you know those fuckin' Boljeviks. They should get their heads kicked in.
I ask them if they would consider appearing in my documentary.
- Hell yeah! You can start shootin us in a long shot when we get of the subway. Then a close-up on the boots and in the background you can play "These boots where made for walking". Then a long shot again when we go and beat up some bitch.
-No thanks, i said, thats not necessary. You're just going to walk straight ahead through an underpass on you're way to a concert.
-What, we're not going to beat anyone up, said one of the skinheads dissaponted.

Trashed the looker room.
-Come to the Madness concert on monday. It will be a lot of broken glass, says another one as he smacks his fist into the wall and laughs.
-And i don't mean only glass. We where at Rock Palais the other night when Rude Kids where playin. We actually threw a punk THROUGH the stage but it took some time. Then we trashed the entire fucking locker room.
On the day when we where going to shoot the scene we meet up at Cloz.
-Are we really just going to walk down the underpass, asks a skinhead that still thinks he can get me to change my idea.
We rented a Dodge-van to haul the crew in. We set out for the Rådhusets subway station to shoot some scenes with a group of punks. The skinheads stay in the van. They are restless and have started the day with some beers.
When i come back from shooting the scene i come back to fullblown chaos. The skinheads have scared away every all passers-by and one has torn of a drainpipe.

Pissed all over the cars in the parkinglot
My sound-technician and the driver are scared to death. On our way to Östermalmstorg one of the kids puke in the glove compartment. Cropped heads and big boots pop in and out of the carwindows. At a redlight one of them jumps out and starts pissin on the other cars in the tailback.
It feels as if the situation is getting out of control so i decide to turn back and shoot the scene at Kungträdgården instead.
We start as soon as we get out of the van. One of the skinheads comes up to me and says:
-I don't wanna be an asshole or anything, but you know we are goin to kill you if this turns out bad. Thats just how it is, we know where you live.
Thats often how it sounds when skinheads meet up. Even when there is no direct violence it still surrounds them. The skinheads talk about various fights they have been part of, they talk about defence moves and what weapons that can be used. All the time.

Started in 60's England
In Sweden skinheads mainly exist in Stockholm. there is a couple of hundreds.
The movement originated in England. It was groups of mod's that in the late 60's shaved of their heads and started up different crew's that where notorious for their rascism and violent lifestyle.
It was conservative workingclass kids that created the headline's and during that time they where often the scapegoats for many reactionary tendensies.
There are 3 holy things for a skinhead: work, nation and football.
Most of them hate any kind of odd groups. In England some crews walk out with the sole intent to assault as many foreigners (most often asians), homosexuals or hippies as they can.
Skinheads look at all other youthgroups as their enemys - punks, greasers, hippies.

They also believe that there is no morals in the modern society. It's to much bleeding hearts and social welfare. They are nationalists andmost of them wear the Swedish flag on their clothes.
Within the group there is a strong sense of solidarity and they chare most things like brothers. If anyone needs money for a gig or a bottle of vine, then there is always someone willing to help. If anyone gets attacked the others are always there for his defence - and revenge.
Lasse was one of the first skinheads in Sweden. He comes from Malmö and is often refered to as "Lasse Skåning" (Skåne is the area where Malmö is situated in the furthest south area of Sweden).
He jumped out of school and has worked various jobs like newspaper carrier, piccolo ("I quit cause it was so hard lookin happy all the time.") and now he works at a repro firm.
This is how "Lasse Skåning" tells his story of how he became a skinhead.

,, Around 78/79 i met this dude who looked like this and i thought it looked cool. Back then there wasn't really any fights and trouble like it is today. You hung out with your old friends, even the punks. I just thought it looked more sharp with short hair.
But today there is a whole bunch of fresh cuts and with them comes trouble. Many of them have what i call UK-complex. They try to be nazi's like the English skinheads. I mostly laugh that whole nazi thing of. Sure it can get annoying with all the fights and your friends runnin' around yelling "Sieg heil, sieg heil" and "Fuckin packi's" etc.
Well sure, no one really likes the packis when they go around sayin things like "Fuckin Swedes" in bad Swedish grammer. But if they don't mess with us then i couldnt care less about them.
All foreigners aint like that. I actually know a lot that are quite nice. But i think i am one of the least rascist one's in the group.
I think the same thing that happened in England will happen here. Maybe not as bad though, cause here the cops have guns that are a bit more effective than the wooden sticks the coppers got in England. There isnt a whole lot who would walk up to carryin a brick if the cop has a gun.

Mostly aggro when drunk
But off course there will be fights here to. Foreigners gettin attacked by Swede's. Then they retaliate.
There has been some fights with other groups to, junkies, normal blokes, greasers and all sorts of people. But most fight occure when you are out drinkin.
Politics is something i just don't get into. I don't think it matters who is up there runnin the show. It's all the same shit if you ask me. They all just want to advance in their game an make more and more money. But one thing i do know is i think people should have the right to earn a good salary and not have to pay 90% to taxes.

Hitler was a good guy
The skinheads are firmly against communism. Yes, they stand further to the right than most others. But i dont think anyone of them can actually fence about politics.
Not many of them are nazis really, more like rascists. Many walk around with swastikas and think Hitler was a good guy, have a photo of him in their wallets or on their walls at home.
But when you actually ask them who he was and what he did - there is only a few of them that actually knows. I mean what happened in Europe 40 years ago isnt really that relevant for us today.,,

All skinheads are not the same off course. Backgrounds and thoughts differ. But most come from true working class homes. The music, the clothes and the football unites them in a way.
The skinheads have their own dance caller "the moonstomp". They jump around with their large army boots to English ska music. The top bands are Madness, Specials, Bad manners and Selecter.
The skinheads drink large amounts of beer and strong liqour. Sometimes they smoke a little weed, but they dont like junkies or strong drugs.
A perfect night out on the town might look like this:
You all meet up at some friends place and get drunk. Then you go out to town, maybe to a gig or a football game. It is considered a failure if there is no fights that night. And most often fights happen.
After a couple of weeks the brawl has turned into something off a bloodbath and the myths about the violence is a constant subject when they speak among each other.
This is how it sounded when i meet up with Lasse and Hazard at Mosebacke's Pub.
- Last week we got in a fight with Magnus Ugglas friend (Magnus uggla is a mediaclown that somehow has released a lot of records in Sweden). We had just been to Big Brother. It all went so fast that i hardly know what happened. But the nose went bust on one of the guys and a whole lot of ribs on the other guy.
- On the Clash concert this spring Drutten got hit over the head with an iron pipe. They cracked it open. We all got pissed but he didnt know who had hit him so we basicly beat up anyone who walked past. Three people was sent to the emergency.

We just started beatin on everyone
- Yeah, sure it was unnecessary that all those innocent got smacked up, says Lasse.
- Yeah but a friend of ours was attacked, says Hazard. We got upset. We never start anything but there is always lots of people willin to start it for us.
- Sure sometimes we start it. Like chasing down some fuckers.
- A lot of people fear us and it's not for nothing, so yeah, says Lasse.
I dont think skinheads are better or worse at fighting than the next man. They win on their aggressiveness and the way they look.
An experienced fighter is more dangerous than someone that never turns to violence. In a situation where most would just shout, swear or threaten the other person a skinhead would strike first without thinking twice.
And they also have an advantage by looking menacing. They look like a bunch of Syberian convicts or a group of lobotomized murderers escaped from a mental hospital. Their clothes reminds me about "A clockwork orange" with their braces, big boots and short jeans.
Most have tattoos that enhances their aggresive attitude. Hazard has a tatto that says "Today red, tomorrow dead" around a skinhead with a giant axe that has blood drippin from it. Lasse has an enormous tattoo on his left arm of a skull in a German pickelhaube with two crossed axes in the background.
Everything in the world of skinheads is exaggerated and exremly masculine. Everything is sort a trial of strength. How many beers can you drink? How many fights have you been in?
At a party a skinhead walked around braggin about his dicksize and calling it "the monster". In all conversations with the girls attending the party he insisted that they would "get a taste of his monster".
The girls in the crews are not skinheads themselfs. They look like your average girl next door.
- Girls do not look good in short cropped, says Lasse.

The media guys where scared shitless
The latest year skinheads have been portrayed in media more and more. Aftyer the socalled "punkmurder" youth violence has been debated more in both tv and radio. Statistics shows that the old one on one violence has been replaced by a more anonymous violence where the people involved most oftenly dont even know each other.
In Swedish TV's "Studio S" they tried to sort out what was going on. "Do you kick twice or more when someone is layin down", asked Pelle Bergendahl the skinheads attending the show.
What did the skinheads themselfs think about the show?
- The guys from tv where scared shitless when we walked in. They offered a couple of beers in the tv-companys restaurant. Sittin ext to us was Anders Gernandt (he worked for the companys show about horseracing) and we imitated him. They got really upset.
- The show was shit but that didnt matter. We got a dinner, some beers and 400 kroners.

The text and interviews where made by Kristian Petri and the photos where taken by Martin Sjöberg.

fredag 15 april 2011

Domestic violence - Demo (2011)

01. The clap
02. Holly with the crawlies
03. Bring some bitches
04. Smash'N'grab

First of all thanks to Nenad Static for sending me this demo.

Brand new band from Albuquerque featuring Phil Anderer on guitar and Felix on drums (both whom used to play in punkband Jackson 4). Also on bass Howee Dee and the girl called Skum on vocals. They claim to not play Oi!, punk or punkrock but call it Super punk rock (WTF!?!).
Dont know the people in the band and i am sure they are all nice people and all but i dont base my posts on social skills i base it on how the music sounds. This is fucking aweful and any label signing this band must be out of their mind. Might be their first demo and all but judging from the photos (where they try to look cool with baseballbats and wear upside down American flags on their jackets) atleast two of the members are around 35 so sorry but thats probably where i stop giving slacks.
The female vocalist is probably in the top ten worst vocalist i have ever heard. SHe cant hold a note and annoys the hell out of me when i hear her. The rest of the band dont really save it and their lyrics are childish at most.
The hight of crappy crappynes is achieved on the song Bring the bitches where the band tries to rap. It's cheesy, cheap, awkward and to me it perfectly represents this whole new "never been to jail but lets act like it and call ourselfs skunx" bullshit poppin up all around the world lately.
Bullshit music for bullshit people.

torsdag 14 april 2011

Disorderly conduct & The boils - Split 7'' (2000)

01. Disorderly conduct - To the eyes of the elders
02. Disorderly conduct - Port city streets
03. The boils - Facing the dawn
04. The boils - Eyes hit the floor

Released by Squigtone Records in 2000.

On this last release they team up with the punk heavy hitters in The boils that i think everybody knows who they are unless they have been living under a rock the last century. The boils is a group i have always liked and i will get to them on this site sooner or later (probably later).
Anyway great songs from both bands even if To the eyes of the elders grabs the gold in this battle.

Disorderly conduct - Love thy neighbor (1999)

01. Working class blues
02. Tonight
03. Drunken kids
04. Ugly kids
05. Left behind
06. Saturday nights all right for fightin (Elton John cover)

Released by Vulture rock in 1999.

The bands weakest release in my opinion. There is basicly just one song that is really good on the whole Mini-CD. The lowest of the low is their cover of Elton John's song that is an awesome rock'n'roll track in it's original state but the band states that it wasnt "punk enough, just gay". Well then i guess i prefer gay songs cause what they made with the song is nothing even close as good as the original one.

onsdag 13 april 2011

Disorderly conduct - Steel capped thunder (1997)

01. Disorderly conduct
02. Steel capped thunder
03. Get ready boys
04. Our country
05. Punk rock girl
06. Book of lies
07. Riot
08. Shot of fuck up
09. United we stand
10. D.O.A.
11. Gardens of stone
12. Clockwork nightmare
13. Fuck politics
14. Pass the brew
15. Blue lights
16. Let's pogo
17. (Hidden track)

Released by GMM Records in 1997.

At the same time as it might not be an extraordinary record i have heard few Oi! albums that are as listeningfriendly as this one. They dont try to make it hard on you nor do they try to reinvent the sound. They serve a couple of simple easy to listen to Oi! songs with some good drums, nice guitarparts but the thing that made me like this band is their singer that has a rough voice but at the same time knows how to hold a tone. Something that i miss in most modern punk where they either sound like the coockiemonster or a frog at matingseason.
Most bad critique i have heard about this album is that it is cliché and standard at best but being the standard of Oi! is only good in my book.
My favourite tracks on the CD are D.O.A., Fuck politics and Our country.

måndag 11 april 2011

Disorderly conduct - Pass the brew 7'' (1996)

01. Riot
02. Ruck 'n' roll
03. Pass the brew
04. Manual labor

Released by GMM Records in 1996.

Great band from North Carolina playing pure Oi! with the typical US sound. The band started around 1995 with Eric V on vocals, Dennis on guitar, Ron or Won as he is credited on this record on bass (though he was only a member for about a year and was later replaced by Eric B) and Andrew on drums.
They quickly made a name for themself and got contacted by many labels such as Bohdan's Stapress and Peter's Pure impact but finally went with Mark Noah who signed them to his GMM Records where they released this EP and a CD before moving on to Vulture rock in 1999 and finally ended their carrer with a split EP through Squigtone in 2000.

Stating from day one that the band was in it for the music and not in it to deliver political messages to the kids i found it easier to relate to them than most other bands. Sure there are a few questions about how the land is being run and some about the poison of religon but they often stick to the subject about getting by in everyday life (and getting drunk while trying). A mentality seldom seen in the scene but i guess this might be because they come from NC that had a scene almost free from both WP groups and SHARPS back in the mid 90's.
A shortlived but great band with the motto "Drink and then drink some more" that is on my top ten list of old bands i want to see reunited again.

This record is a real rarity and took some time for me to track down (and a whole lot longer to actually sit down and rip into mp3-files) but now it's finally done.

Two of the songs where re-recorded for their 1997 full-length but the songs Ruck 'n' roll and Manual labor (this song is missprinted on the backsleeve as track number 3 but was pressed on wax as the last song of side B) are exclusive to this EP as far as i know.

This is good old US Oi! as it should be, free from both hardcore or Irish folkmusic crossculture bullshit. With that said and their leaning towards basing their lyrics completly on the subject of drinking beer and rioting in thew streets it sounds surprisingly fresh and not at all "skinhead cliché". Picking favourite's as always i have to go with the skinhead anthem Ruck 'n' roll.

fredag 8 april 2011

Terminus city performing 2 songs live at Spring broke

It's a slow week since i have lots of other stuff to do right now but after i have uploaded some more vid's from this DVD i ripped i will be back on track with some more band discography's. Until then enjoy this awesome livefootage with Terminus city performing one of my favourite songs My castle.

Interview with Frank from Terminus city

A short interview taken from Spring broke with Frank the vocalist from Terminus city. This clip is scary for two reasons. First one is he looks exactly like someone i know (like a reflection in the mirror) and the second one is his cellphone. How big is that thing, seriously?

onsdag 6 april 2011

måndag 4 april 2011

Brutal tactics - Complete collection of songs (2005-2007)

01. Criminal intent
02. You call that justice?
03. Brutal tactics
04. We will conquer all
05. Hell bent on nothing
06. Poser
07. We will not remember you (Anti-nowhere league cover)
08. 9 justices - 9 ropes
09. Patriot (Ian Stuart cover)

Tracks 1-6 are from their 2005 demo, track 7 is from the 2007 EP compilation called Fuck America, Tracks 8 and 9 are from a split with White wash.Länk
One of the many but also one of the better Empire falls sideprojects. It's Bryan on vocals and he sound better here than in any other band he has been in. His vocals fit these songs and their theme's perfectly.
This is brutal, violent, anti-PC, in your face and i know a lot off people will stay clear of this band and wont even download this cause of the fact that the band did a split with WP band White wash. To bad for you cause here is a lot of good songs and with the exception of their cover of the Ian Stuart song (of course) there isnt really nothing politically extreme or shocking with their songs.

Their sound is Oi! with heavy RAC influences and the Brutal they put in their bandname is something they live up to. If you could kill someone with a song then the song Brutal tactics would be the one. It starts of with a 30 second noise assault and then kicks in with some of the slowest but most brutal drums i have heard. This is militarystyle Oi! at it's most extreme and best.
My favourite song of them all must be 9 justices-9 ropes that has some really great lyrics.

söndag 3 april 2011

Brickwall united & Mission to murder - Split 7'' (1995)

01. Mission to murder - Miller's head
02. Mission to murder - Hey Johnny
03. Brickwall united - Too Late
04. Brickwall united - Open your eyes

Released by Reactionary Records in 1995.

A superb split that starts off with Mission to murder that plays what i think is oldschool punk with a bit of hardcore influences (well ive never been good at scenist stuff like that so maybe someone else has a better explanation for it). Whatever you wanna call it they play it good and both songs by the band are of the highest quality.
The best song on the split is Brickwall's song Open your eyes about fake preachers within the scene with lyrics like "They are in it for the fashion, they don't care about the youth/They brag about the clothes they buy and then hide behind the truth/Skinhead is more then wearin Fred and gettin' neck tattoo's/It's not about being black or white it's about payin your due's". A song that can fit in on a lot of people poppin up lately.

fredag 1 april 2011

Brickwall united (Introduction and 94 demo)

01. Handfull of molotovs
02. We're coming back
03. Prisoner
04. Friend or foe

A legendary American Oi! band from Atlanta and like most other legendary US Oi! bands they never really got a chance to release anything proper.
The most solid lineup of the band consisted of Phil Hayes on vocals and lead guitar (used to play in Jack the lad), Verlyntae on guitar (used to play in Barking spiders), Tim on drums and Adryel on bass (used to play with Verlyntae in Barking spiders).
Verlyntae and Adryel are known as the founders of the band after quiting Barking spiders and the two also worked together as pizza cooks.

Their only release they had was a split EP with the HC punkband Mission to murder on Reactionary Records in 1995 but they appeared on numerous compilations like US of Oi! Vol. 2 and Backstreets of American Oi! and also had some songs that was never released that i put together here.

These songs where recorded around 1994 (except the song Friend or foe that i took from the Backstreets of American Oi! Vol.1) and they are all of high quality. It is most oftenly known as 1994 demo but i have no idea if it ever was a true demo or if it's something made up by the internet (we all know him) after the band broke up.
Download and enjoy.