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måndag 4 april 2011

Brutal tactics - Complete collection of songs (2005-2007)

01. Criminal intent
02. You call that justice?
03. Brutal tactics
04. We will conquer all
05. Hell bent on nothing
06. Poser
07. We will not remember you (Anti-nowhere league cover)
08. 9 justices - 9 ropes
09. Patriot (Ian Stuart cover)

Tracks 1-6 are from their 2005 demo, track 7 is from the 2007 EP compilation called Fuck America, Tracks 8 and 9 are from a split with White wash.Länk
One of the many but also one of the better Empire falls sideprojects. It's Bryan on vocals and he sound better here than in any other band he has been in. His vocals fit these songs and their theme's perfectly.
This is brutal, violent, anti-PC, in your face and i know a lot off people will stay clear of this band and wont even download this cause of the fact that the band did a split with WP band White wash. To bad for you cause here is a lot of good songs and with the exception of their cover of the Ian Stuart song (of course) there isnt really nothing politically extreme or shocking with their songs.

Their sound is Oi! with heavy RAC influences and the Brutal they put in their bandname is something they live up to. If you could kill someone with a song then the song Brutal tactics would be the one. It starts of with a 30 second noise assault and then kicks in with some of the slowest but most brutal drums i have heard. This is militarystyle Oi! at it's most extreme and best.
My favourite song of them all must be 9 justices-9 ropes that has some really great lyrics.

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  1. Never heard of this band. Thanks man

  2. could this get re-uploaded please and thank you