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torsdag 21 april 2011

Fatskins & Last laugh - Welcome to Arizona CD (2004)

01. Fatskins - Bitter
02. Fatskins - Bright future
03. Fatskins - Johnny on the spot
04. Fatskins - Never admit defeat
05. Fatskins - Tomorrow never comes
06. Fatskins - Mr. Nobody (Major accident cover)
07. Fatskins - Male model (The undertones cover)
08. Last laugh - Lying numb
09. Last laugh - Living
10. Last laugh - Self control
11. Last laugh - Caught in the middle
12. Last laugh - Hooligan army
13. Last laugh - One blackened new year
14. Last laugh - Teenage kicks (The undertones cover)
15. Last laugh - Strength to go on

Released by Step-1 Music in 2004.

The last release by Fatskins but more intresting the first release by Last laugh. They are yet another band from Arizona with the extremly distinct vocalist Mike (who would later start the band Blue collar criminals with the guitarist from this band).

As always Fatskins are ok but nothing more serving 2 good tracks in Bitter and Never admit defeat (ok that last one is actually really really good).

Last laugh is a band i really liked and i must say i was quite dissapointed when i heard Blue collar criminals that ranged more into speady punkrock than the strict Oi! they played here. Mike has such a powerful and brutal voice and i think turning up the tempo and adding a heavier sound to match his voice was a mistake.
They start of their "side" of the CD with the song Lying numb that might not be anything fantastic but i cant get past the fantastic way Mike delivers the lyrics after going through the first part of the split listening to Mike from Fatskins painful delivery.
Most of thhe songs LL contributes has very high quality but the best one is probably Strength to go on (oh and not to forget the awesome cover of Teenage kicks).
First part not so good but LL picks it all up and fixes it in the end.

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