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torsdag 28 april 2011

Phoenix city muggers - Selftitled CD (2007)

01. Dirty old man
02. That's a lie (I said so)
03. Too good to be true
04. Media circus
05. Ship sailed in
06. The stand
07. Corporate America
08. Haunted
09. Fight fuckin' hard
10. Times of my life
11. Cowardly thugs
12. Magnum maid

Released by 8-Piece Records in 2007.

A shortlived Arizona band started by Mike from Fatskins with Kris and Sam on guitar, Eric on bass and Leif (Swede perhaps?) on drums. This was their only release and even if the sound is simulair to Fatskins because Mike is on vocals with his distinct (in a bad way if you ask me) way of delivering the lyrics it is now more of a drunk'n'roll band in their sound than a pure Oi! band.

I bought this album some time ago but sold it like a week later for less than a dollar on Ebay. With that info you can guess where this review is going.
Mike still sound the way he sounds and i know it seems as if i am bashing the guy but thats not how it is. I dont hate him just the fact that he refuses to change his way of singing (i know a lot of people like it but i dont so go start your own site if my views dont fit you). The song Ship sailed in is proof of him actually being able to sing good. Its a track that somewhat reminds me about bands like Loose skrews and its a really good song. Dont know why he insists on sounding like a retard on the rest of the record though?
The record is still available for purchase through these sites so if YOU like it then buy it:
Pure Impact
CD baby

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