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söndag 3 april 2011

Brickwall united & Mission to murder - Split 7'' (1995)

01. Mission to murder - Miller's head
02. Mission to murder - Hey Johnny
03. Brickwall united - Too Late
04. Brickwall united - Open your eyes

Released by Reactionary Records in 1995.

A superb split that starts off with Mission to murder that plays what i think is oldschool punk with a bit of hardcore influences (well ive never been good at scenist stuff like that so maybe someone else has a better explanation for it). Whatever you wanna call it they play it good and both songs by the band are of the highest quality.
The best song on the split is Brickwall's song Open your eyes about fake preachers within the scene with lyrics like "They are in it for the fashion, they don't care about the youth/They brag about the clothes they buy and then hide behind the truth/Skinhead is more then wearin Fred and gettin' neck tattoo's/It's not about being black or white it's about payin your due's". A song that can fit in on a lot of people poppin up lately.

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