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måndag 25 april 2011

Last laugh - Memories not forgotten CD (2006)

01. What's now gone
02. Another sip
03. Battlecry
04. A fake's night out
05. Self control
06. Arizona
07. United front
08. Bold
09. Hooligan army
10. Strength to go on
11. We're the one's

Released by American Defence Records in 2006.

Since i really liked their split from 2004 i was expecting more from their full-length but it's not bad or anything. Sounds a bit thrown together in the last minute thats all.
Most songs on the record are below average but i still think that when they get the sound right they sound brutal and tighter than most other bands like on the tracks Bold and We're the one's.
Not a great album but atleast they stick out and deliver a couple of good tunes. In 2008 the band reformed as Blue collar criminals so if you like this sound then check them out.
Can still be bought from:
Pure impact

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