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måndag 11 april 2011

Disorderly conduct - Pass the brew 7'' (1996)

01. Riot
02. Ruck 'n' roll
03. Pass the brew
04. Manual labor

Released by GMM Records in 1996.

Great band from North Carolina playing pure Oi! with the typical US sound. The band started around 1995 with Eric V on vocals, Dennis on guitar, Ron or Won as he is credited on this record on bass (though he was only a member for about a year and was later replaced by Eric B) and Andrew on drums.
They quickly made a name for themself and got contacted by many labels such as Bohdan's Stapress and Peter's Pure impact but finally went with Mark Noah who signed them to his GMM Records where they released this EP and a CD before moving on to Vulture rock in 1999 and finally ended their carrer with a split EP through Squigtone in 2000.

Stating from day one that the band was in it for the music and not in it to deliver political messages to the kids i found it easier to relate to them than most other bands. Sure there are a few questions about how the land is being run and some about the poison of religon but they often stick to the subject about getting by in everyday life (and getting drunk while trying). A mentality seldom seen in the scene but i guess this might be because they come from NC that had a scene almost free from both WP groups and SHARPS back in the mid 90's.
A shortlived but great band with the motto "Drink and then drink some more" that is on my top ten list of old bands i want to see reunited again.

This record is a real rarity and took some time for me to track down (and a whole lot longer to actually sit down and rip into mp3-files) but now it's finally done.

Two of the songs where re-recorded for their 1997 full-length but the songs Ruck 'n' roll and Manual labor (this song is missprinted on the backsleeve as track number 3 but was pressed on wax as the last song of side B) are exclusive to this EP as far as i know.

This is good old US Oi! as it should be, free from both hardcore or Irish folkmusic crossculture bullshit. With that said and their leaning towards basing their lyrics completly on the subject of drinking beer and rioting in thew streets it sounds surprisingly fresh and not at all "skinhead cliché". Picking favourite's as always i have to go with the skinhead anthem Ruck 'n' roll.

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  1. Nice one! Was missing this. Thank you very much, sir.