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fredag 15 april 2011

Domestic violence - Demo (2011)

01. The clap
02. Holly with the crawlies
03. Bring some bitches
04. Smash'N'grab

First of all thanks to Nenad Static for sending me this demo.

Brand new band from Albuquerque featuring Phil Anderer on guitar and Felix on drums (both whom used to play in punkband Jackson 4). Also on bass Howee Dee and the girl called Skum on vocals. They claim to not play Oi!, punk or punkrock but call it Super punk rock (WTF!?!).
Dont know the people in the band and i am sure they are all nice people and all but i dont base my posts on social skills i base it on how the music sounds. This is fucking aweful and any label signing this band must be out of their mind. Might be their first demo and all but judging from the photos (where they try to look cool with baseballbats and wear upside down American flags on their jackets) atleast two of the members are around 35 so sorry but thats probably where i stop giving slacks.
The female vocalist is probably in the top ten worst vocalist i have ever heard. SHe cant hold a note and annoys the hell out of me when i hear her. The rest of the band dont really save it and their lyrics are childish at most.
The hight of crappy crappynes is achieved on the song Bring the bitches where the band tries to rap. It's cheesy, cheap, awkward and to me it perfectly represents this whole new "never been to jail but lets act like it and call ourselfs skunx" bullshit poppin up all around the world lately.
Bullshit music for bullshit people.

4 kommentarer:

  1. My ears are bleedin

  2. I thought this was a joke band, but it seems that they are trying to start a serious thing here LOL. They sound shitty, just a bunch of cartoon punks playing like they are deaf and dumb.

  3. the immoral discipline demo is missing from mediafire, i cannot leave a comment there so i leave it here.

    1. Hm strange. Well i will add it to the list