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onsdag 13 april 2011

Disorderly conduct - Steel capped thunder (1997)

01. Disorderly conduct
02. Steel capped thunder
03. Get ready boys
04. Our country
05. Punk rock girl
06. Book of lies
07. Riot
08. Shot of fuck up
09. United we stand
10. D.O.A.
11. Gardens of stone
12. Clockwork nightmare
13. Fuck politics
14. Pass the brew
15. Blue lights
16. Let's pogo
17. (Hidden track)

Released by GMM Records in 1997.

At the same time as it might not be an extraordinary record i have heard few Oi! albums that are as listeningfriendly as this one. They dont try to make it hard on you nor do they try to reinvent the sound. They serve a couple of simple easy to listen to Oi! songs with some good drums, nice guitarparts but the thing that made me like this band is their singer that has a rough voice but at the same time knows how to hold a tone. Something that i miss in most modern punk where they either sound like the coockiemonster or a frog at matingseason.
Most bad critique i have heard about this album is that it is cliché and standard at best but being the standard of Oi! is only good in my book.
My favourite tracks on the CD are D.O.A., Fuck politics and Our country.

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