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tisdag 19 april 2011

Fatskins & The oppressed - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Fatskins - Born at the bottom
02. Fatskins - Fencewalker
03. The oppressed - AFA song
04. The oppressed - Do anything you wanna do

Released by 90 Proof Records in 1998.

Fatskins is a band that i have been putting to the side for some time now mainly because i have been trying to understand their greatness. If you ask many people from Europe to name some American Oi! bands you can be sure that this band will come up in the same breath as great bands like Templars or Patriot. I have still not understood what everyone sees in them but my guess on why they got such wide distribution is the comfortable political stance against facism or anyone that simply dont share their and the rest of the worlds views on modern politics.

Anyway the band originated from Arizona and consisted of Mike on vocals, Clint on drums, Tom on bass and Wynn on guitar. They released their first records through 90 Proof Records in 1998 in the form of this split and another one with Patriot (that i uploaded some time ago). They also released a full-length the year after and then in 2004 a split 12'' with their fellow Arizona friends Last laugh.
My main problem with the band is their singer and the way he delivers the lyrics (my girl laughs out loud everytime i put on one of their songs). In the late '00s Mike formed another group called Phoenix City Muggers and sadly enough he brought along his old way of singing also to that band.

The oppressed is one of my favourite bands from UK even if they pulled somewhat of a Skrewdriver on us all when they put politics first and music second in their comeback. They deliver the better half of this split and even if i have some issues with their tribute song to the AFA and ARA it is the musically best song on the EP. I have no idea how groups like AFA could get so much acceptance within the skinhead movement lately i mean just take a look at what they did in Germany. Over there it is no longer about shutting out fascist bands no more. Skinfull that is in no way a fascist band got blacklisted cause they had played some gigs with Les Vilains (much respect to Skinfull for telling the promotors to go fuck themselfs).
Since when did the skinhead scene roll over and get ass raped by a bunch of smelly swamptrolls in the first place. Even if the scene still has a bit of problems with extremism in the rightwing i dont see a whole lot of bands except the already condemned RAC bands taking a stand against this new leftwinged fascism and 70% of them got their asses full of brownshirt dicks anyway.

Ok there is a whole lot of talk about about politics and ass raping in this record review but sometime is just feel like i have to went and since i am not an educated man it often ends up in ass raping debates.

On with the review. Fatskins sound like they often do and its ok at most but also here i have some issues with the politics in one of the songs, namely the track Fencewalker (oh no here comes the ass raping discussion again). I respect anyones decision to stand up against what they think is wrong but when they go after the people that have understood that ass raping is nothing for them it goes to far.
They attack the nonpolitical part of the scene by telling them that being a skinhead without mixing in politics is worthless and that a true skinhead carries their banners. So if a skinhead wants nothing to do with politics they are a sad joke and if they carry the wrong banners they are boneheads? Ignorant and sad.

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