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torsdag 6 maj 2010

Patriot & Fatskins - Split 7'' (1998)

01. Patriot - Contempt of court
02. Patriot - Where are they now? (Cock sparrer cover)
03. Fatskins - Needin' a dentis
04. Fatskins - Sound of the streets

Released by 90 Proof in 1998.

It took some time and money to get my hands on this record but it was well worth it.

Both Patriot and Fatskins deliver 2 exclusive tracks that are all of high quality.
Contempt of court is great your typical Patriot song but on the Cock sparrer track they really show what great musicians they are. For once a modern skinheadband actually does the track right and it was way over my expectations.
Fatskins (more by them later) is a band that i have never really been a big fan of mainly because of the way ther singer delivers the vocals but it offers a damn great (and funny) song called Needin' a dentist.
I am glad i didnt give up on finding it and i hope you all are as glad for the free download.

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