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söndag 2 maj 2010

Alleged bricks & V.P.R. - Split 7''

01. Alleged bricks - Necessary evil
02. Alleged bricks - Fuck you
03. V.P.R. - Your problems
04. V.P.R. - Things could be better

Released by Torque records somewhere between 2003 and 2005 (Nothing on the record tells when recorded or released. Not on the record, the sleeve or the cover.)

One of the 7'' that they released through Torque in their earlier days (the other one was a split with Spitfires United and all those songs where later featured on their full-length so i wont upload it).

You can hear that they have developed when comparing this early version of Necessary evil with their lter version. I had to check my pitch several times to see if it was correct. Daaaaamn slow first song but then it picks up with a 9/11 war-anthem called Fuck you. Also having a singer that sounds like a bulldog version of the cockie monster really fits these aggressive songs.

V.P.R. is a straight hardcoreband but i actually like them (the last song atleast). This band has Chris on bass that also he plays in Spitfires United and used to play in The suspects (damn inbreed DC scene hehe). Since V.P.R. is a straight up hardcore band i wont include their records on my site so look elsewhere.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Quick note, it's SpitfireS United and just about all our stuff is up for free download @ www.dcshows.net/sfu.php


  2. Thanks for all the A. Bricks stuff, Bernando. Needed a bunch of it.

  3. Sorry Stilts. I corrected it