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måndag 10 maj 2010

The authority! - Who knows? (1997)

01. March in time
02. 99
03. 655321
04. Who knows?
05. God bless the workingclass
06. Put in the boot
07. The voice
08. Public service
09. Dying plea
10. Where has it gone
11. Boot boy blues
12. Smash it up
13. Saturday's lanes
14. Let's break the law
15. Swill
16. The authority!

Released by GMM records in 1997.

Another great band from the golden era of American Oi!. They where formed out in OC, California back in 1993 and released 2 full-lengths and a 7'' before parting ways around 2000. The band had 2 "era's" and almoust two completly different sounds. This first record had their original members but after the release the singer left to focus on his family and kids and in stepped Billy (that plays guitar on this record) to pick up the mic. They then picked up a bit more commercial sound and im think i am one of the few that actually likes this first record the most.

14 songs and 2 spoken word songs on one and the same record one might think that most would be below average but that is far from true on this release. They mix and experiment with different instruments using both harmonica and piano (oh yeah) on several songs without making it sound cheesy in that Frankie Flame way.
When i first heard the record some years ago i liked the songs God bless the workingclass and Public service the best but after a couple of hundred listens i have found several other favourites like the antipolitical song Smash it up handing out smacks both left and right. Other clear favourites is the drinkingsong Swill (piano!!!!!) and the actually funny track Put in the boot (piano!!!!!) with lysics like "She just wouldnt come no matter what i do, so i pulled out the dick and i put in the boot!".
Even if their later releases had more clear vocals and better recordingquality this is the best The authority! if you ask me.

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