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söndag 9 maj 2010

The old souls - Rock and roll curse (2008)

01. Grim reaper flies
02. Old souls reborn
03. Take me
04. Fuck decency
05. Under jolly rodger
06. Un Italia!
07. Voks gone insane
08. Pitchfork mob
09. Lost at sea
10. Born in decadence
11. Rock and roll curse

Released by Pure impact records in 2008.

This is a controversal upload since its a sideproject by Tom and Roy from the WP band Final war. It has no racist lyrics and is way toned down in the political department and if the members are nazis or not i dont really give a damn. Sure this is uber patriotic and rightwinged but so is 70% of all the "accepted" skinheadbands from America.
I say pat on the back to Tom and Roy for doing some more laid back stuff.

Roy plays both guitar and bass (also does backup vocals) and Tom plays drums. Doing the vocals is a new guy called Ben and what i know he has no ties to the WP scene (wiihooo another point on the political acceptance chart).
I have never been a fan of American hatebands like Final war or their sound but this is more of a streetpunk sounding record. Musically its great and if you didnt know that Tom and Roy played in the band you wouldnt even raise your eyebrows to the lyrics that are both versatile and free from most political garbage.
Some tracks like the awkwardly bad songs Voks gone insane and Un Italia! makes me wonder what they where thinking when they recored this album but songs like Grim reaper flies, Born in decadence and Under jolly rodger are all great songs that can easily get stuck in your head.
Its not free from politics and definetly nothing for PC listeners but an ok album that i would say download instead of buying.

4 kommentarer:

  1. 7/10? Someone gave me a copy of this when it first came out. I think I've listened to it maybe 3 times and thought it was just ok...maybe I need to revisit it.

  2. Yeah but 7/10 is for an ok album. I first thought i should give it a 6/10 but remembered all the Pressure point albums that has that same grade and its definatly better then those.

  3. can this one be re-uploaded? thanks