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torsdag 13 maj 2010

US of Oi! of Sweden Version 1.2 (information)

I added some new and futuristic features to the site to keep up with the kids of today.
First i added a new section called ¤Records you must own¤ that is basicly all the records i have given a full 10 point in the review. This doesnt mean that these records are more important for the history of the scene (for instance the Moonstomp record only got 9 points and i gave The barons full-length 10) its just a display of my favourite records. Around new year i was probably a bit doped up on the holiday spirit and gave away 10 pointers like if they where welfare checks while other records might have deserved them better but whats done is done (ill be less generous in the future).
Another thing is the red marked songs on the tracklists when i upload an album. Same thing here its basicly just me highlighting my favourite songs on the record and it might be fun for you to check if we have the same songs.

I also update my wanted list every now and then so please check if you have any of those records i will be willing to pay or trade for them (on the bottom of the page).

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