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torsdag 27 maj 2010

Various artists - Oi! dont pay the bills Vol. 1 (2008)

01. Broken heroes - Oi! dont pay the bills
02. Broken heroes - Park west diner
03. Broken heroes - Overnight love skaffair
04. Broken heroes - Cobra Kai
05. Stiff middle finger - What we want
06. Stiff middle finger - Made in America
07. Stiff middle finger - PC retards
08. The postals - Banned from the pubs
09. The postals - Fast forward
10. The postals - Going postal
11. Turnpike wrecks - Die
12. Turnpike wrecks - Obligatory Oi! song
13. The odd squad - Enemy of the state
14. The odd squad - Armed and ready
15. Maddog surrender - Anthem
16. Maddog surrender - Fuck'em up (After the fire cover)
17. The incited - Anthem
18. The incited - Call to arms
19. The barons - Raw deal
20.The barons - Kill your television
21. The barons - Part on

Released by Neck records in 2008.

A damn big release put out there mostly to advertise local bands. Neck records sent this to me for an upload on the page and that just shows that their dedication to the scene comes first and foremost.
Ok so it is free but is it any good? To be honest i must say that the lack of exclusive songs brings it down a bit but even if most of these songs can be found on the artists own demos and releases it holds a very high standard.
Starting out as a project to promote bands from Delaware its broader then that and first band out is the New Jersey boys in Broken heroes. Most off their songs on this comp are going to be released with some other songs on a split with Armed suspects later this year. Both Parkwest diner and Cobra kai are good songs but nothing like their early sound.
The next band is Stiff middle fingers and they deliver three songs that i have never heard by them before. They have developed a more r'n'r sound since their 2005 demo and also developed a more radical left stance but nothing to extreme so dont worry. They deliver two of the best songs on the comp but nowhere as good as for example Sabotage from their earlier demo..
The postals give three songs from their release the year before. Nothing new or fantastic here.
Turnpike wrecks have an exclusive song for the comp called Die, its ok but a bit to simple and childish for my taste.
Next band s called The odd squad and do a more straightup punkmusic. Dont really know much about the band or if they have any other releases but i will not feature them on my site.
Mmm and then there was the Maddog surrender. Their first song is a true skinhead anthem and probably the best one on the release. They also do a cover of After the fire (members from dutch Discipline and Badlands) and i really think they make the song better then the original version.
Both The incited and The barons end the album with songs from their full-lenghts and both bands deliver good punk (those off you following my blogg know of these bands and song already so i wont waste your or my time).

Being a collector i think its a waste of money to pick up a recordlabels mixtape when i can make one on my own, but this album being a promotional album for mostly unknown bands i will cutt it some slacks.
(Nerdfacts: The guy that did the coverart is the same guy playing piano on Raw deal with The barons. Damn i love that pianoguy.)

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  1. Hmmm...for some reason I thought there would be more new stuff on this. I do kinda like the idea of S.M.F. with a more r'n'r sound...man, I must be getting old. ;)