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torsdag 13 maj 2010

Pist'n'broke - The last call 1992-1996 (1998)

01. Skinheads for life
02. A new day
03. I've been
04. Fridays children
05. Ireland
06. My girl
07. Pist'N'Broke
08. Punch the clock
09. Old hangover
10. Twenty to one
11. No hope in hell
12. Out with the boys
13. Pist'N'Broke (V.2)
14. Living in the ghetto (live)

Released by Vulture rock in 1998.

A great band hailing from the streets of Detroit. The band was founded by Scotti Lyons on vocals, Jon Hill on bass, Ben Marcell on guitar, Gabe Heiss on sax and PT on drums. They where one of the few American Oi!-bands that used sax in liveshows and on their recordings. Very classic Oi! sound mixed with ska and rock influences. They had their first deal in 1993 in form of a 8 song cassette released by Sonic aggression called Detroit. A year later they released a EP called A new day with better versions of some of their 1993 songs (also this one on Sonic aggression). After these recordings Jon left the band and was replaced by Josh D on bass.
In 1995 they released their "last" release called American drinking songs and later patred ways in 1997. They had a bit of a ressurection in 2005 but it wasnt until 2009 they really made it official by touring with The business on their US tour. They are today active with a brand new lineup (Scotti is the only original member) and a new record that will be called Absolutely recked and it will contain 5 new songs and some old re-recorded.

This record is basicly a discography album released after the band broke up and contains all their old songs (except for some that was released on compilation but i will upload those compilations in the future).
Tracks 1-7 are from their first cassette recording (though mastered and are all off high quality), tracks 8-13 are from their American drinking songs and track 14 is a live version of a song that was also on their 1993 cassette.

First out on the LP is one of the best tracks called Skinhead for life with classic football drums and a typical antipolitical skinheadmessage. After this track they loose me with some soso songs bu then Ireland hits me. I have never understood the facination you Americans have with your Irish roots and all other things pirate but this song is superb all the way through. They should get 10/10 just for the fact that they made a Eerie song without mixing in folkmusic or tales of the sea and drunkardness. After this track the great songs just keep rolling in from the skainfluenced song Pist'N'Broke to the aggressive and revengefull street-anthem called Twenty to one.
I am damn psyched on hearing their new recordings and hear if the police ever caught that Richard Werstine character.

5 kommentarer:

  1. That's a great album, I've been wanting to hear it again, thanks.

  2. when have time can you upload this disc again.thanks by the way great blog

  3. I lived with Scott in Detroit at the beginning of the 90's in a huge brownstone with seven other guys. I remember the day they recorded "Skinheads for life". One of the coolest guys we had there for sure. We got along well 'cos I was one of the only ones who worked (most other guys just had their girlfriends pay their rent.) He lived in the uppermost room and you could always hear him get home from the bar. BOOM BOOM BOOM! Sometimes he would bust in your room and say something dirty. Good times! Great post!

    1. Sad to say but that sounds like typical "skinhead behavour". Working class counts even if its your girlfriend working haha.