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onsdag 26 maj 2010

Maddog surrender & The offenders - Split 7'' (2006)

01. The offenders - You're a dick
02. The offenders - People who talk shit
03. The offenders - Roofers' song
04. The offenders - You got two gay dads
05. Maddog surrender - My youth
06. Maddog surrender - Lessons learned

Released by Whiskeybent records in 2006.

Maddog here teames up with a New Jersey based hardcore band playing that kind off "underoneminutetrashpunkcore" that i have never understood why anyone listens to. This band is also the starters of the recordlabel releasing the split if i understand everything correct and that just makes it even worse. I feel cheated out of my money and import costs on this record and not even an exclusive track by Maddog can make me feel better. Naming a song You have two gay dads is somethng that only bands like Antiseen and Anal cunt can get away with and ruins the whole record. (No i will not include any other releases by The offenders on my site.)

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