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söndag 16 maj 2010

Fighting chance - Party lies 7'' (2004)

01. Party lies
02. Blamed
03. The system

Released by Insurgence records i 2004.

Another great release by the lefty's in Fighting chance (take note that this is the real release ripped by me and not the fake one with 5 songs that was created somewhere on soulseek).
These songs are old ones that never got it on any off their full-lengths but these are no B-sides in any way. All 3 songs hold the same high quality as their previous releases.
Even if this album was released after both Mike and Ben had left the band they are featured on all songs and the sound is quite simulair to their first album.

The first track Party lies is probably the best and feels very antipolitical for such a polliticaly motivated band. It is followed by the crucified skin anthem Blamed and the record ends with the great revolutionary track The system.
To bad that this band ended. One of the few American skinhead bands on the leftwing that actually played hard music without mixing in to much hardcore.

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