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lördag 22 maj 2010

Various artists - Whose country is this anyhow? 7'' (1993)

01. Warzone - Fighting for our country
02. Patriot - Fighting
03. Stormwatch - At war with peace
04. Critical beatdown - Decisions

Released by Under siege productions in 1993.

Im back with a bang after a really intense workweek. This record is one i have been trying to get ahold on for many years and just recieved it yesterday after buying it from a collector overseas.
This is one of those records that really sum up all i love (and some i hate) with American Oi!. First out is one of my love/hate bands that has done so much for the east coast scene and even if they are a hardcore band i know atleast i have always viewed them as a punkband. What i hate with Warzone is the fact that they and all other early CBGB hcskin bands invented that whole gangsterskinhead/toughguy attitude that seems to plague the majority of the American scene today (not naming any names). Anyway Fighting for our country is an ok track except for the psychotic woman yelling in the background (someone give that bitch some sedatives or something).
Track two is a song by the almighty Patriot and it is the best song on the whole comp. Eddie sounds a bit more aggressive here and the whole band is tight from start to finish. This song was later released on the classic Another dead generation in 1996.
Third track is by the (in 1993) newly founded Stormwatch and this song was released on the 1993 album by the same name. A good song but nothing exclusive.
Last track is by a young band that is completely new to me called Critical beatdown. They play some kind of Oi!core and to be honest its not really my cup of tea otherwise but this band have a good rhytm in downbeat that reminds me a bit about the band Da real deal.

Alltogether its a classic rarity that i am happy to now own and share to you guys (and girls perhaps). This comp was made in the beginning of the glory days of the American scene and to know that both Stormwatch, Patriot and some members of Warfare is active in the scene 17 years later really gives me some hope for the future.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Thanks, Bernando.

    I agree about Warzone...I've always associated them more with NYHC than the Oi! scene. I went through a huge NYHC phase when I was younger, so I like 'em, but there's really only one album of theirs I still listen to a lot today.

  2. In the U.S. many skins were introduced to the whole skinhead culture through the hardcore scene. They are NYHC but all those bands did/do Oi! covers to show their appreciation of their roots. Hell, straight edge band Judge did an great cover of Blitz's "Warriors".

    Critical Beatdown were the predecessors of Stormwatch. Very short-lived but not too bad.

  3. I think Tony USA is thinking of Moral Outrage, NOT Critical Beatdown, as predecessors of Stormwatch.

    Critical Beatdown released a bunch of other stuff. Most of it under the name Insult To Injury (from Chicago). And they remained somewhat active up until the mid 2000s.