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torsdag 27 maj 2010

Pure impact - Selftitled (2004)

01. Heartache
02. No empathy
03. Self medicated
04. On the tracks
05. In the dirt
06. Might as well
07. Never win
08. With my friends
09. Dead end
10. Dying awake

Released by Welfare records in 2004.

A punkrock band started around 2003 in Boston by Ian Clark and James Morrill of hardcore band Union made and Through censored vision. They got themselfs a drummer, a bass player and a couple of songs and before they knew what hit them they where playing at CBGB's and recording this album.
In 2006 they where supposed to release a 7'' but the band broke up before that happened Ian tried to reunite the band for a second full length a couple of months later but it didnt work.
After their breakup they where featured on Backstreets of American Oi! vol.2 (this is how i got to know about them) but after that not a word has been heard.

This is not really Oi! but more of a popfriendly streetpunk and if you are a fan off bands like Armed suspects you will probably like this.
The record starts of good with their track from the 2006 comp and goes on strong with Self medicated that has that radiofriendly sound like Green day and the likes. I am not often a big fan of this punk offspring but Pure Impact actually delivers some good (but soft) songs.
The sleeze goes on and its not until Never win that it really picks up to anything even resembling Oi!. Something that hit me when listening to this record is the very liberal weedlyrics that is hard to find in shortcropped bands today. It doesnt really bug me (since i dont mind lyrics about killing hippies and hanging illegal aliens this shouldnt bug me haha) or anything just seems wierd, in fact the only thing bugging me about this band and record is the fact that the songs (catchy as they might be) have all been done before and they dont really push the limits or stand out in anyway.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Think I've only heard "Heartache" by these guys...pretty good song. Gotta at least check 'em out. Thanks.

  2. A good album in my book. Not in any way an Oi! album though.