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måndag 31 maj 2010

Urban riot - On the streets (1998)

01. Factory song
02. Sign of the times
03. On the streets
04. 40 seconds
05. Fuck you
06. We hate everyone
07. Urban riot
08. Hard times
09. Class war
10. Last call
11. Skindergarten
12. Pulling on the boots (Romper stomper cover)
13. Last call (1995 Demo)
14. On the streets (1995 Demo)
15. Urban riot (1995 Demo)
16. Love it or leave it (1998 Demo)
17. Sign of the times (1998 Demo)
18. 40 seconds (1998 Demo)

Released by Trailer park records in 1998.

(Updated 13 April 2012: Uploaded the album again)

Even if Matt had left the band in early 1997 all these recordings are with him on vocals, except the bonus songs from their 1998 demo that has Milo singing. I like Milo's singing but i prefer Matt and the whole sound they had the first years. Its not as hard as their later songs and you can clearly hear the influences of early ska in the rhytm especially on the great track Hard times. The band that otherwise dont touch politcal stances with a 5-foot stick takes a bite at the WP scene with their song Fuck you and for a while you think that this record will have some serious political values but in the next song they state that they hate fags, commies, hippies and retards haha. Their goes their shot at ever getting signed to Insurgense records haha.
Last call is a great drinkingsong and is good both in the new and the 1995 demo version. Otherwise then that track and the early version of Love it or leave it (would later be remade for their 2005 album) the demotracks aint much to have but their free so what the hell.
(Stay clear of the awefull coversong from Romper stomper its the worst version i have ever heard.)

4 kommentarer:

  1. Thanx for uploading this album, I was unaware of it's existance. About the comment you made about the Romper Stomper coversong, I don't think it's the worst version I've heard, it's not good, but in my opinion the prize the worst cover of this song has got to go to Midgårds Söner for their version of the song

  2. Its a long list of trial and error haha. Had forgotten about that song but to be honest they where not such a good band to start with.

  3. any chance you re upload this one
    has i dont have it, i seem to have misse3d this one

  4. Added it to the list and will re-upload in a couple of weeks