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tisdag 1 juni 2010

Urban riot - A mile in our shoes (2000)

01. Moment of silence
02. A mile in our shoes
03. Never quit
04. Protect & serve
05. Hope & glory

Released by Fleed records in 2000.

(Updated 21 April 2012: Uploaded the EP again)

Their second release and this time with only Milo on vocals but the rest of the original members are still there. This album still has that slow US Oi! sound that they put aside for more speeded songs later on.
Its an ok release even if there is really only two tracks worth checking out. The record starts out with an instrumental track and to be honest the band lacks the musical skills to pull it off and it only sounds akward with a drummer that can hardly keep up with the tempo. Both Never quit and Protect & serve are below average tracks but the song A mile in our shoes saves the record. First times i heard it, it sounded strange but i have come to like it more and more everytime i listen to it. Hope & glory is ok and is a veteran tribute but just like A mile in or shoes it ends way to quicky but i guess thats how it goes when you squeeze 5 tracks into a 7 inch.

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