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måndag 7 juni 2010

Roots of exile - For our own (2008)

01. Roots of exile
02. Chosen destiny
03. Breaking news
04. Brick wall
05. For our own
06. Front towards enemy
07. Talk is cheap
08. American dreamer
09. Dynamo

Released by Chelsea records in 2008.

(Update 10 June 2011: Nikki is actually the one singing on the track American dreamer not Lara. Lara also had a falling out with the rest of the band and thats why she isnt a member still.)

A band from Texas that is more unknown then most other underground Oi! bands today (actually no one i have asked about them even knows they exist) and my guess is that they didnt have a burning heart promotional machine backing their release and like most other punkbands they have full-time jobs that makes it hard to promote your band outside of your local scene (in this case Houston). Anyway the band was started by wife and husband Nikki and Jimmy (both playing guitar but Nikki is credited as bass player in the record sleeve hmm). Other members are Greg, John and Lara (she would leave the band after the release and was replaced by Mike).
The band is close friends to Lower class brats and Krum bums but musicaly its more Oi! then both those bands. This is their only release but the and is still active today so i hope to se more albums added to their discography.

I had only heard 2 songs by the band and i really liked them so i started searchin hard to find anything with them and struck 0. No one had even heard of them and no stores had any albums by them but then i found txpunk that had some copies of this record so i thought what the hell and ordered myself a copy. The band has 2 vocals (Greg and Jimmy) with gives their sound some diversity and they also have a track on the album where their bassplayer Lara sings (damn great voice that little lady has). Some good songs on the album are American dreamer (the one with Lara), Front towards enemy, Chosen destiny and my favourite track Breaking news where both Jimmy and Greg share vocals and shows how good their second album might get (if anybody knows that the band exists that is).

You should really give this band a listen and if you like it support the band by buying their record at txpunk.

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  1. Hey, just a heads-up...my anti-virus blocked something on the download page. Looks like Megaupload has some bad stuff on it again. An .exe file tried to open itself on there.

  2. I will try to find some other place to upload my stuff. Tried other ones but noone is as easy and fast as megaupload is.
    Did you like the record though?

  3. could this get uploaded again? cheers!

  4. They're great. I have their cd. Very underrated, they just need to play gigs outside of Texas and explore other regions