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tisdag 22 juni 2010

Labor force - Riot in the streets Demo (2007)

01. Jimmy
02. Riot in the streets
03. Labor force
04. The enemy
05. Career opportunities

Selfreleased demo from 2007.

Released by the band as an internet EP but is basicly a demo featuring 3 old songs and 2 new ones. Jimmy from their old record is a good track but the best one on this demo is the new song Career opportunities. Its a lot slower then most other songs by the band and fits their vocalist better (it also has a very good chorus wich is this bands strong side).

2 kommentarer:

  1. "Career Opportunities" is a cover of The Clash. Maybe you knew that already but you didn't mention it.

  2. Had absolutely no idea. Never liked Clash (now i will get lynched) and never will. Thanks for the info though