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måndag 14 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Piss off.. and die 7'' (1999)

01. Weekend kids
02. Super yob
03. Rich boy scum
04. Justice for all?

Released by Destroy all records in 1999.

This is one of those records that it took me years to find and when i finally imported it from a collector i realised i allready had all the songs that was featured on the album. Well having it as a collectors item isnt all bad and the fact that it has a missprinting on the vinyl might make it even more speciall. Track 1 and 4 are from their first release and the other tracks would be released on their last record in 2003.
Its a good collection of songs and the 2 old once are the best from that album. The 2new tracks hold the same value as the old once and especially the track Rich boy scum that might be a bit prejudice but a damn great song.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Great 7", WEEKEND KIDS is deff my fav songs. Have you heard their Flexy 7". The A side that stan sings 2 is amazing. Sounds real original.

  2. Thought i would let you know mediafire no longer has this file. That said, thanks again for sharing this stuff. It's nice to be able to sample the music before I buy and some of this stuff doesn't exactly show up everywhere on the internet.

    - thedeadcomedian

  3. any chance for an re-up on this one thanks man