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fredag 18 juni 2010

Battle cry - To fight and die (2000)

01. Never give in
02. Strength in numbers
03. Struggle
04. Barley and hops
05. To fight and die
06. Red, white and blue
07. 25 years
08. Life long truth
09. Saturday night
10. No placeto go
11. Coat rack
12. Battle cry stomp
13. East side
14. This life
15. Boot party
16. We shall fight
17. Battle cry stomp II
18. To fight and die (demo version)
19. 19. Barley and hops (demo version)
20. Boot party (demo version)
21. Red, white and blue (demo version)
22. Oh, no, five-o
23. East side (demo version)
24. No place to go (compilation version)

Released by Pure impact in 2000.

A skinheadband from New york playing the typical slow and patriotic US Oi! from the 90's. They remind me a bit of a cross between Moonstomp and Boot Party in a way.
They formed in 1993 under the constitutional bandname We the people but soon changed it to Battle cry (i actually like the first bandname better since Battle cry sounds more like a band that sings about vikings and has badly drawn pictures of conan the barbarian as album covers).
Original members was Phil on vocals, Pete on guitar and Paul on drums. They didnt have a solid bassplayer in the band untill 1995 when Dave joined but before that they had celebreties like Phil of the Templars filling their slot on live sets. In 1995 they released their first record through Vulture rock and just a year later they released the 7'' called East side skinhead pride. Soon after this release Pete left the band and the group didnt appear untill 1997 with Dave on bass and a new drummer. This didnt last long though and the band split up for good in 1998.

This album is a collection of all their songs as an active group and like all discography albums its a lot of crap they could have left out. Both their real releases are great but why the hell did the have to put the demosongs in there. They sound like shit and since all except one track is featured in their later (better) versions i see no reason to even have them there. Though i guess i shouldnt complain since they are free.
If your into American Oi! i dont think you have missed this band but if you have be sure to download it because its a pure classic. My personal favourites are No place to go, Saturday night and the instrumental battle anthem Battle cry stomp II (daaamn i love that track).
If all songs would have been like the once from their first release then it would have become a 10 no doubt about it.

7 kommentarer:

  1. 9/10?! Really? Wow. Did I miss the piano song? Ha ha. I'm gonna have to go pull this out and listen again...I don't think this is anywhere near a 9.

  2. I know not a lot of people like this band. But im glad Pure impact understood it hehe. No pianoplay though but i can only imagine the greatness it would have resulted in

  3. Battle Cry have reformed!

  4. Yea this album is amazing. They played a reunion show in Brooklyn, NY last year.. the place went nuts with people singing along. I nearly forgot about the classic oi songs "East Side", "strength in numbers", "Never give in".


  5. Will you put this on the re-upload list?

  6. Battle Cry are back together and releasing a new split soon with Doc Evil from Australia!
    -- Matt, Never Wrong