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fredag 11 juni 2010

Bovver wonderland - Self titled (1996)

01. Bovver wonderland
02. Sussed for life
03. Sorrow and the glory
04. Big mouth
05. Where did you go
06 Weekend kids
07. Cast the first stone
08. Oh my deir
09. Remember the streets
10. Justice for all?

Released by Vulture rock in 1996.

A band from Los Angeles that rised from the ruins of The choice and Last soldiers in 1994. This band has had many different vocalists through the years but the core trio of John Hilario on guitar, Stan Corona on bass and Lou Guzman on drums was in the band fom beginning to the end. Stan and John would together with members of Toughskins form the superb band Fully Loaded in the late 90's. They formed with the quest of making the first "boot boy glam band" but ended up as a pure and genuine Oi! band with influences of old 77' punk. This band is one of those that people that cant find the charm in old Oi! will never undertand (my girl hates this band by the way) and they have a sound that was never meant to go big or reach outside the "outcast" few that they made music for. Their first release was a 2 song digi ep that was offered for free with issue 6 of A way of life zine in 1995 but it didnt take untill the year after before they got their first propper record deal. It resulted in this record that was released by Vulture rock and was recieved with open arms in the glory days of US Oi!. They would release 2 more full-lengths and a 7'' (yes i will upload them all) but in the early 00' they all moved on to "bigger things" and all we can do is miss this misfit creation of pure Oi! breed through to much alcohol and old British 77' punk.

If you have no intrest in Oi! this is probaby not the band that will win you over and you will probably just hear blazing instruments with a guy rhytmicaly shanting about alcohol and being oppressed by all and everyone without leaving no room for any amazing guitarsolos or awesome chorus buildups but hey... thats just what it is. This is basicly just drunk punks and skins playing their hearts out on a record that another drunk punk hooked them up with at a less drunken and a bit more serious skinheads almost serious recordlabel. To me it sounds awesome but from my girlfriend and people that has to listen to it on or way to work you would hear another story.
Anyway enough ranting from my side and on with the review.
Unlike their second release that focus almost completely on the subject drinking alcohol this album actually has some serious lyrical content ranging from subjects like working life, shittalkers, crucified skinheads and the spirit of youth. These subjects are way cliché today but nothing annoying and lets keep in mind that they where written in the mid 90's. Best tracks on the album are Weekend kids, Justice for all?, Where did you go and my favorite Cast the first stone.
Even if the good tracks are far apart the really good ones make up for it. Dont miss out on downloading this one.
(I have gotten some complaints about Megaupload and i will change uploading site soon but for now i am sticking with it by pure habit.)

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